Friday, June 25, 2010

Fish, and Chairs, and Toys....Oh My!

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I have come to the realization that there is really no point in emphasizing that we had a busy day because it seems everyday has become busy at this point.

I thought summer was supposed to be a break but I guess that statement only refers to my children.

We crammed a ton of stuff into this Friday, leaving the house at 9:45am and returning home at 6:45pm. We managed to play in between appointments going to the aquarium and the mall.

After having many conversations with Makenzie's speech/augmentative communication therapist and much thought and prayer I decided to go ahead and get Makenzie...and the boys.... and me....LOL an iPad. Technology has come SO far and I have read and heard of so many doors being opened for children who have special needs with this device. This was not an easy decision but one I feel will benefit Makenzie more then many of the other therapy tools I have looked into.

Today the Fed Ex truck made a stop at our house. Yes the iPad had finally arrived.

The excitement was short lived however because we were on our way out the door.

Makenzie did ok in PT this morning. It was not her best and she seemed more flexed then usually. Oh well, she still had a great time and got lots of love from her therapist.

This afternoon we had another appointment with the seating clinic so I decided to take the kids to the aquarium before that appointment. Even though we were not there for all that long the kids had a great time checking out the fish, sharks, eels, and sea horses. We watched the flash flood, fed the sting rays, petted a few slummy things, and got our faces painted. It was a really good time.

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We stopped to check out a REALLY loud bird. The first couple of times Makenzie heard it squawk she jumped and had a very concerned look on her face. She got over that pretty quickly and started to laugh. What still continues to amaze me is how she is able to look up, find and object, and continue to focus and show interest in it. She looked right up at that silly bird and found him over and over on command.

This is an improvement we noticed soon after Makenzie received her first round of Stem Cell therapy and it just keeps getting better and better!

Look at those beautiful eyes spying the bird way far above her!

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Here is a video of Makenzie and the bird.

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Then it was off to our seating appointment. This wa the 3rd appointment we have had. Today we kind of took a detour in plans for Makenzie's new chair. After specing out all of the needed parts and measurements. Talking about what type of base (wheels and frame) we needed for the seat to rest on based on school, home, car, and mommy's needs we decided we needed to change course.

The decision has been made to have Makenzie's fitted for an Aspen Seat. This seat will give Makenzie the most optimal support as it will be molded to her body and can also be adapted to fit on most any type of base or flat surface. We can use it in a stroller, in a high-low base, in a chair at our kitchen table or resturaunt, or with a more wheelchair type base.

This is not starting over but it does drag things out a bit longer. I was hoping to get her new chair ordered today but that did not happen. Please pray Aspen will get Makenzie in quickly and insurance won't hold this up to long after all is said and done!

Here is the idea of fun coming from our amazing seating guy! The guide to how a person should not look after being fitted in a chair. TD is AMAZING! I am really not sure what we would ever do with out him! Makenzie has proven time and time again to be tricky in the seating department but TD is always there to try and help us figure out how to make it better! I couldn't ask for anything more even though sometime the seating subject is more then frustrating. Thanks you so much for everything!

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Instead of driving home in rush hour traffic we decided to hed to a nearby mall. I had a protective skin put on the iPad and we got a case and FINALLY headed home! I fed Makenzie and then she got to play with her new toy/therapy tool! Even though she was VERY tired she loved it and did not have any issues getting help!

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Makenzie is sound asleep after our crazy day. Two of my boys are having another sleepover at a good friend's house down the street and I am going to go play with my.... scratch that.... Makenzie's new toy!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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