Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day... My Way!

Before I start this post I want to preface it by telling my dad "Happy Father's day!"! My dad is the best man I know and has and continues to give me a wonderful life!

On the radio this past week they have been doing a contest to win a cruise with your father.... I didn't enter because I don't have time to go on a cruise but to have a chance to win you had to describe your dad in 7 words. Even though I won't win a cruise my 7 words I would use to describe my father would be these.... loving, kind, (really, really, really,really, really)gracious, listener, giving, empathetic, and protector. I love my dad!

I guess my dad is the reason my bar is so high in the father department!

Fathers day in my family was rescheduled because my dad was out of town so today started and ended as any Sunday would.

Makenzie slept in this morning after getting to bed late last night so I crawled out of bed to start making her formula. The whole house was quiet and I was loving every minute.

I dove into the dishes when the door bell rung. Makenzie's father was at the door as I let him in we both chuckled a bit about the fact Makenzie was still in bed. Up the stairs we went to wake the princess.... I know, I know,....about the never wake a sleeping princess rule but she had to get up and eat so we could make it to church on time.

I unhooked her tube and carried her downstairs and promptly changed her soaking wet diaper. While Makenzie and daddy sat on the couch I scurried around making formula, rinsing and filling her food bag, hooking her up for the start of breakfast and then it was on to the boys.

Ya know the .....go get church clothes on...... no that is not nice enough for church, try again, go brush your teeth, comb your hair, where are your shoes, we need to leave in 30 minutes...................HURRY UP! NOW!

After the boys were under control I decided I would go get myself ready. We had made plans to head to the pool after church so I really wanted to be able do the things women do before they even think about putting on a bathing suit. I knew better. My shower was interrupted numerous times with feeding pump questions and other where are the you fill in the blank)questions from all sides! Oh well.

I managed to get all of the pool stuff together before cartoon and daddy fun time was over and then it was onto getting Makenzie ready for church and off we went.

The series they are doing is really a great one about love. Today the last sermon in the series was titled " Love Never Quits" What a great way to end it!

Now it was off to the pool.... no wait.... I had 4 kids who all needed lunch so first it was out to lunch with a friend and her baby! (Yeah... another baby fix!) Before I could crack open the menu I started Makenzie's lunch and figured out what the boys wanted to eat.

I managed to finish most of my meal in peace before the boys started to fight over the dough balls the lovely waiter had given each of them at which time I sarcastically began to sing a rendition of "Happy Father's Day to Me" while my kids laughed. Ice cream for dessert and then back into the car.

Now we could go to the pool right? Nope.... not yet. First a quick stop a the grocery store to get a few "can't live without" items. There must have been a thousand people in that store so quick wasn't as quick as I had hoped and my hip and back agreed. (yes I had no desire to lift Makenzie;s chair out of the car again so I carried her.... not sure which is worse...)

Ok no really we are on our way to the pool. FINALLY!

We met a good friend, her 2 kids, boyfriend, and mom at the pool and had a great time!

There were water slides, a super warm baby pool, and snacks for all!(thanks Barbra! the kids loved that!)

Makenzie did so well! SHE LOVED every second! I got her on her belly and she kicked herself all over that pool! She also was using her arms to "doggy paddle" amazing! I am pretty sure she did not stop giggling the whole time!

We will be joining the pool this year! There is no question!

We got home just in time for dinner, I worked on getting Makenzie fed while my oldest cooked up some steaks! What is fathers day without steak?

Then I threw Makenzie into the bath, got her dressed, did her hair, hooked up her tube, sang her a song, put her pacifier back in her mouth about a hundred times, and off to dream land she went.

One down, three to go!

I do not have any cute fathers day videos or pictures to post but I do have three little boys who make me smile every time I think about how grown up they are getting. I watch how good they are with Makenzie and can't help but think about what good fathers they are going to be one day!

Happy Fathers Day!!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Nicole said...

excuse me, but are you bringing up these children on you own?
You are facing all that on you own?

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