Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catching Up

Oh how good a full nights sleep feels!

I put the boys to bed and then it was Makenzie's turn. Our little trip to the mountains kinda rocked Makenzie's schedule. She has been going to bed later but then doesn't want to get up until like 9am.

You would think that would be good for the summer but the problem is Maknezie still has therapy starting most days at 8:30am. She needs to eat breakfast before therapy starts because it doesn't end until 11:30 ish. So this new schedule isn't really gonna work so well.

Last night I laid down with Makenzie and fell asleep. I shot up in bed at 11pm. Rushed downstairs to get her water ready and decided to head back to bed. I knew if I made her formula, blogged, and cleaned up I would be wide awake again and would have never been able to go back to bed after my little nap.

So in total I think I got about 10 hours of sleep which is unheard of around here. Now I have a ton to catch up on! Darn it! Boy did it feel good though!

Makenzie had a great day yesterday. She has really been doing super well lately.

Her feeding therapist came yesterday for the fist time in about a month. She was shocked at how well Princess Makenzie is doing. She told me she has never seen Makenzie look so good. Her oral motor skills continue to improve, her swallow is good, she is sitting up so much better, she is following spoken directions about 90% of the time, her cognition is so much better... all in all Makenzie is a totally different child then she was a month ago.

Then today at a meeting we had with the school the PT who also hasn't seen Makenzie in a month was utterly amazed at Makenzie's progress. 2 educated people in 2 days with jaw dropping reactions to Makenzie. Priceless!

We are almost at the 3 month mark post stem cell therapy and we are seeing it. I realize there are people out there who will go to the ends of the earth to discredit stem cells but really I think they are wasting their breath! We have been 2 times and 2 times we have seen AMAZING results! Yes there are risks, yes it is pricey, but for Makenzie it is really been the one thing we have seen to make measurable differences in all areas.

Go Makenzie, Go stem cells, To God be all the Glory!

Time to go play the catch up game!

Believe Prayer Works!


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