Monday, June 28, 2010

The Best Laid Out Plans 2

Well today was another day. Another day of plans that where changed and then changed again.

I was planning on hanging out at the house cleaning and catching up. In the end that is kind of what happened... kind of.

We were supposed to clean with the treat of going to the movies tomorrow after getting it done. Then there was the first change of plans. The movie thing tomorrow wasn't going to work for our friends and she asked if would could go today. Uh.....sure..... I guess....

I hurried the kids into helping me get the house cleaned. so that we could leave the house by 3pm. Alrighty then.

So we plugged along. I gave Makenzie a bath, did her hair, and started her lunch.

Then came plan change number 2..... No movie.... new date and time.... Wednesday afternoon. Instead of a movie my friend brought over her kids and we hung out for a bit.

It rained a ton this afternoon and the kids decided to go out and play in the rain, Oh the fun!

I took Makenzie out and she loved it! She giggled so hard when the rain was pouring on her head!

While the kids where playing in the rain and the baby was being fed I sat down with the girls and the iPad. We had so much fun! My friends little girl also has CP. They both took turns playing. Makenzie did a GREAT job touching the screen and Emily did a great job sharing despite the fact she made sure we knew she wanted it to be her turn.

I am tied. I wanted a day off to just catch up. I kind of got that but sometimes I wonder if it is easier to just go, go, go! When we stay home the boys get bored. They fight and make messes. Not sure if this or running around and being busy is worse.

Over all though it was a good day! Is summer over yet?!

Believe... Prayer Works!

So we kept on cleaning until


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