Thursday, May 13, 2010

Warp Speed

Do you ever feel like life is flying by at warp speed? The last week has flown by for me and once again we are one day away from the weekend and the start of a new week! WOW!

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This week has been jam packed with school stuff for the boys, normal house work, normal Makenzie stuff, and the new feeding schedule.

Makenzie continues to amaze me. Yesterday she ate 15 oz. Today she ate 19oz! She is still eating lots of Avocado and she is liking yogurt as well too.

To say this has been easy would be a lie. It feel great and I am so excited but trying to figure out how to fit feeding into an already crazy schedule has been interesting!

I have been feeding Makenzie for a while now but not for overall nutrition. She got her food at night and during the day if it worked we work work on eating and oral motor. The few times I have tried to get really serious about it Makenzie began to refuse shortly there after. She was also getting food at night during all of the other attempts.

Please pray Makenzie will continue to move forward with eating. Please also pray for understanding for this mama... understanding that Makenzie will not always have perfect days because ALL kids have days they do not eat as well. Pray for God's peace on these days. Pray for patients.

Tonight my son had a program at school. He did a research project on Abe Lincoln. He had to dress up like him and put together a speech about him. He was so cute and did so well! He told me that he was nervous when he had to give his speech but man did he do a fabulous job!!

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Afterwards we headed to the golden arches. For the first time we ALL ate out together!

Makenzie had a great time playing on the play place. She must have gone up and down the slide 5 times. She would have gone again and again but this mama couldn't take anymore!

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I had my son take a video of Makenzie walking to the slide. He did a good job for a 12 year old! I also didn't have anything to tie my hair back with but I though you all would enjoy Makenzie playing anyways!

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All of the kids are snug in bed preparing for another day. I am going to watch some good Thursday night TV before heading to bed myself!

"And his name shall be
the hope of all the world." (Matthew 12:21, TLB)

Pray for Miracles!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Reagan Leigh said...

Wow...I'm really impresses with Makenzie's walking! She did great! And what a work out for you! I think I would have only made it one trip before pooping out!

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