Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swagger Wagon

Right before Makenzie's accident we traded our lovely white Dodge Grand Caravan in for a SUV. Oh was I excited! I got to drive a truck with big wheels and a push bar. It was decked out with a DVD player, a CD player, and leather seats. It wasn't new but it was new to me.

It was in that truck my daughter would nearly die. The car seat, I never put Makenzie back into after that day, sat in that truck. The truck I drive today.

The first time I drove my beloved truck after Makenzie's accident was tough but today all is well and other then when it breaks down I love my big SUV.

However, the Swagger Wagon (mini van) will someday enter my life again. This time it will have a $24,000 wheelchair lift installed. Yes you read that number correctly.

Makenzie is getting heavy and her equipment is getting bigger and heavier as well.

We had our seating eval this week and I was so impressed. The PT really took a lot of time asking questions that I had not even thought about. If anyone knows anything about seating and positioning this clinic has the edge.

This week was only the first of 4 appointments that we will have. There is a lot to think about and many brands and products out there to choose from. Each has their own pros and cons but what I do know is that when we get this new chair for Makenzie we will NEED.... not just want.... a modified van.

I have already done a ton of research on this subject and am pretty sure I know what we need. It is going to be quite an endeavor and expense! God will provide, that I know for sure!!

Makenzie continues to do well. She ate again today like a champ. So proud! Please keep praying!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Taylors said...

Please keep us posted on your quest towards getting the wheelchair and vehicle mod. We are just beginning this process, and I would appreciate any insight you could give. Good luck! We're rooting for you and Makenzie!

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