Friday, May 28, 2010


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In about 2 days my brother will be leaving to teach English..... in Korea.... for a year. I am sad to see him go but so happy that he is finally getting to live his dream after 4 long years of college.

My mom and dad tag teamed me for the last week to get me to come up to the cabin this weekend as a last family ho rah before my brother leaves. Makenzie and I have not been up to our cabin since the Christmas before Makenzie's accident. My mom and dad have taken the boys many times in the last 3 year but because of many things I have not felt comfortable coming.

Well, I packed the car up this afternoon and off we went.... to the cabin.

Makenzie did GREAT in the car. We left early so there really wasn't any traffic and there were no tears or any other problems for that matter. Smooth sailing! Thank You Jesus!

We had a really great afternoon. It is so beautiful up here and the weather is amazing!

The boys spent a lot of the afternoon riding bikes and just hanging out. My middle sons shoes are already soaking wet but oh well... that is boys for ya!

We took a walk to see the creek, the park, and the fishing spot where we watched my brother skip rocks. I guess there are some things you are never to old for.

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Then it was onto a fire and s'mores. The boys had a great time helping to start the fire and roasting marshmallows was a ton of fun. Makenzie loved the fire. She just giggled and smiled. She got to make a marshmallow too and seemed to inderstand what she was doing.

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Getting everyone to bed was.... well.... challenging to put it nicely. No one was happy with where they needed to sleep. I was grumpy because I am a person that needs space every once in a while. At the end of the day I need some time to not be a mom before I hit the pillow. To be alone. When there are 12 people in 4 bedrooms... alone is really hard to accomplish.

Then I couldn't find my food scale to measure Makenzie's Miralax and I just wanted to be at home, on my couch where everything is in a place where I can find it....


I don't really want to be at home. I am having a really good time. I do love being with my family and tomorrow is going to be a blast.

After structuring life to the millisecond for 3 years change is really, really hard but all in all God has been good and this has been an AMAZING day!


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