Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mis-truths and CPS

Does this look like a little girl who has been abused or neglected?

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How about this?

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Or maybe this...

Oh you're still not convinced....neither am I.

Today I was graced with the presence of Child Protective Services.

Now of course they can not tell me who called but lucky for me I am no dumby. By the end of the day with some digging and some common sense I came to MY OWN PERSONAL HYPOTHESIS. On Monday of this week I had issues with the school, mostly the nurse. Big issues. To the point where Makenzie has not gone to school this week and will not return until these issues have been addressed. After my special visitors left I called the hospital and asked to have any notes written about Makenzie in the last few days reviewed and sure as snot the school nurse had called the GI department with concerns about Makenzie's feedings. Hmmmmmmmmmm? So I will let you form your own personal Hypothesis from those couple of facts.

So while I sat in my own home being told that there was a need to protect Makenzie from me possibly doctor shopping, not putting her GJ button back in, telling me that I induced pain on my daughter by taking her tube out as seen by them on this very blog, and me trying to explain the whole thing all the while feeling like I am speaking in a different language I am FUMING PISSED!

I am not mad at the social worker because she is just doing her job. I was mad because of someones ignorance and personal ego, I was having to justify my decisions to someone who had no clue what the heck I was talking about. I was fuming because if Makenzie's GI doctor had just done his job and called me back or fit us in to see Makenzie in a timely manner I would not have been dealing with any of this. I was fuming because for the last 3 years I have done nothing but live and breath my children's needs, do they really think they could do any better?

I of course have not a dang thing to hide and really if they would like to move in with me for a week and live my life and make sure Makenzie is being cared for they are all welcome to do so. I would place a large sized bet none of them would survive.

Funnier still is that when talking to Makenzie's doctor on Tuesday I mentioned what had happened at the school the day before and predicted this. I told him that I would not be surprised if CPS showed up at my door. So although I was mad I sure wasn't surprised. He of course knowing my families history and also how outspoken I am laughed it off and told me not to worry.

The even more crazy twist to this story is that tomorrow I get to put a smile on my face and meet with the whole team who I feel has teamed up against me to discuss transitioning Makenzie to Kindergarten. I will be bringing doctors orders stating why it is not medically appropriate for Makenzie to transition at this time. If they do not honor this letter after being so obsessed about doctors orders that they would call CPS with concerns they will have their own CPS call and lawsuit from this mama bear.

If they are going to honor one doctors order to that degree they will honor them ALL! Just saying!

On a much more positive note Makenzie had a GREAT day! She ate a ton orally and refluxed less then a handful of times! I am so proud! Satan will not steal this huge step forward away from my precious girl.

She had a great day in therapy as well. She is just doing so well all around! The light in her beautiful little face says it all!

Pray for our meeting tomorrow. Pray that we can figure out a way for Makenzie to be at school and be safe and happy all at the same time. Pray that God will touch the heart of the person who felt the need to be so angry and thoughtless when abusing the power they were entrusted with by doing what can not be undone. Pray that a lesson will be learned.

"no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me," declares the LORD. (Isaiah 54:17, NIV)

Dear Heavenly Father,
I thank you that you are greater than any weapon that has been forged against us. I thank you that you will refute every tongue that accuses us. Lord, I thank you for your vindication. Father, I ask that you would appropriate your vindication for Makenzie in every area of injustice in her life. I ask that you would right and way in which she has been mistreated or misunderstood. I ask that you would heal any wounding in her heart over any rejection she may have experienced. I ask that you would also minister your healing to every other member of this family who has suffered at the hands of another. I thank you that you are the God of all comfort, and that when we call on you, you are faithful to hear us and to respond.
In Jesus' Name,

Please, Please, Please, continue to Believe... Prayer Works!

Pray for Miracles!!


Allison said...

Hope your appointment goes well!! Make sure to update us so we know! Schools can be a pain in the ass. My son was diagnosed with Austism in Nov 2008 and by March 2009 when he turned 3 he didn't qualify for any services. How is that possible? Hope your day works out!!

Nicole said...

How humiliating and frustrating!
I had to fight but not that far!
But I do believe: the mother knows better!
And Much later I was told I had been right all the way...
May this people realise they must listen to the mother!
Bon courage!

Mrs. Dan said...

Wow Pam. What a PITA! I'll bet they just don't want to deal with oral feeds. :(

Beth said...

WOW Pam, I'm sorry to hear this. I have also experienced the wrath of CPS. My thoughts are with you today .

Sarah said...

I follow Cici's blog as a Mom also of twins about a year younger than CiCi & Penny. I have stumbled on to your blog a while ago and have cheered on your little girl!!!

I am so sorry that you are struggling with the educational system & social services. I agree that often others do not understand.

I would say that if you were closer to Iowa, she could come be in our PreK program that transitions into my K classroom....

You are a great momma!! Your lit girl is LUCKY to have are your boys!!

Chin up!! Sending ++ thoughts!!

Julia said...

What a bunch of CRAP. YOU of all people know more about not only your daughter, but many other special kids. You are an amazing mom with an incredible intuition. You do always seem to come out the winner - so this is just another hoop for you to jump this how you stay so skinny? :) Shawn and I are pulling for you!


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