Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mother's Day!

Being a mother has been one the hardest but best parts of my life. Every year on this day I relish in all four of my little hero's. Each of them so different but equally special.

We had brunch at my moms this morning and then it was off to my amazing aunts graduation party. This is a mother who after much pain and loss has survived and is living her dream. This is a mother who story is perfect for mothers day.

I know that I will not get all of the time line correct but that is ok.

Kathy and Curt live happily in a beautiful home with their four incredibly handsome boys. It wasn't always this way.

When I was little their first born was diagnosed with leukemia. I remember going with them to the hospital so that I could hold his hand while he had spinal taps. I remember him loosing his hair and I remember the day I found out he was cancer free.

This would not be anywhere near the end of this families pain and loss.

My aunt got pregnant with twins... two little girls. They were both born sleeping.

Then she gave birth to David. David was born with only part of his heart. He spent many, many days in the ICU before receiving a new heart. I remember going to visit them once again in the hospital. Looking at such a precious little boy, so fragile and frail. I was pregnant with my oldest son and the guilt that my unplanned child was healthy and the little boy this family longed for was so sick.

David's new heart came and the surgery went GREAT. On the way out of the OR they gurrney was knocked into a wall and sent him into cardiac arrest. David survived but his new heart was damaged. The next 3 years were spent keeping him alive. They moved to CA and David underwent a second transplant.

David lost his battle May 19th, 3 years after his fist breath on this earth.

Today we celebrated because after all of this pain, my aunt after much hard work is now a nurse... I personally find it very fitting. She has 4 healthy kids and is the strongest woman I have ever met. Even through the busyness of her life she has been there for me. She has been a shoulder to cry on. She has also pulled me up by my bootstraps many times!

Three years ago I sat with her in the waiting room at the hospital. My daughter was hooked up to many machines and I am not sure we knew if Makenzie would live or not.

I remember her embrace. I remember burying my head in her shoulder and just bawling. I knew she understood.... I knew I could let it go. To this day She is still that person to me! She made it and so will I!

This Mother's Day I am so proud to be where I am. I am surly not a perfect mother...I am not sure there is such a thing,,, but given everything that has gone on in the last 3 years I know that I will make it and so will my little heroes.


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