Thursday, May 27, 2010


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I am spinning my wheels. I think my tires are bald and sparks are now coming off of the rims.

Makenzie had a wonderful day. She was so happy. She had PT and OT this morning and she was amazing! She is really getting weight shift and is doing wonderful in tall kneel. She has been weight bearing into her arms great and has been really relaxed.

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We had lunch and then I got a call from the hospital social worker regarding the meeting that was held at the hospital.

Crap.... that is really the only half way acceptable word I can come up with to describe the whole conversation. I am just spinning my wheels because they are never going to admit fault. They are never going to apologize. They wont do it not because they are right but because they would not want to be held accountable. Liable....hahahaha.... it will never happen.

Do you think for one second that they mentioned to the county that my first call to the GI department was made on April 30th (the day my daughters tube broke.) Did they tell her my call was not returned until May 3rd at which time I asked to speak to Makenzie's GI doctor who did not return my call until May 11th? The answer to that question is simple.......NO!

The Hospital Social Worker kept telling me she was so sorry. However, I really don't believe she means that. These people are so good at saying one thing and portraying a whole different story using all of their fancy words and text book crap. She told me at one point that she was sorry I felt the way I did.... I paused and asked her how she would feel if someone had put her family in this position.... yeah I can play the game to.... she had no answer other then I don't know. She ended the question by asking me if I had a support system.... seriously.... I told her that I had a very large support system all of whom where very irritated with all of this.

Tears, tears, tears! I am pretty sure I started crying about 5 mins into this conversation. There is only so many times you can hit the wall before you start cursing at it because it wont move. Clearly this wall isn't moving!

Shortly after I got off the phone with her it was time to head to my friend's son graduation party. We had a lot of fun and left fat and happy!

While we where there I got a phone call I had to take so my friend hung out with Makenzie for a few minutes. Typically as long as someone is with Makenzie she is fine. It doesn't really matter who she is with today she did something really sweet. When I walked back into the room I sat down next to my friend who had Makenzie in her lap. Makenzie looked at me and gave me a huge puppy dog pouty face and started to cry. It was just the most wonderful feeling to know (ok so I already knew this but every time she does it my heart just melt) that she wants me more then any one else and she knows the difference! Love it!

This evening I was able to talk to Makenzie pediatrician for a few minutes and I bring this up only to say I am sure this practice of doctors was a gift from God to my family 13 years ago! I love this doctor and really he and his partners in crime are the only doctors I still trust! PRICELESS!!!

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I am off to bed to rest my weary body. Please pray for peace, comfort, and healing!

Believe... Prayer Works!!!


mary clendinning said...

What a beautiful picture of Makenzie! An obviously well-cared for, very much loved child. I am sorry you have been through so much when you do such an excellent job caring for her! Makenzie has improved soooooo much since Costa Rica and all the other treatments you have provided for her. Just keep up your excellent care of Makenzie and your boys. You are in our prayers. Bill and Mary Clendinning (Mark Lozano Ross-- MS patient in Costa Rica -- parents)

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