Tuesday, May 4, 2010


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These little faces make my heart melt! I love pictures and these came in the mail yesterday. What a perfect day. I needed a good smile! Thank you Mckmama!

Yesterday was a major day of adversity. Oh did I struggle. Having to constantly make huge medical decisions on the behalf of your child is more overwhelming then really anything else I have ever faced.

Yesterday was the start of a new week. The fist business day since I switched Makenzie from a GJ button to a G button. The first day that Makenzie had therapy and school. The first day that I could make contact with the doctors to tell them what had happened over the weekend.

This is where the adversity began. I got a hold of the GI nurse. I told her what had happened, what I was feeding Makenzie, and how she had been doing with it. She took it all down and told me she would send it off to the doctor and call me back.

Meanwhile Makenzie was not having a very good day. She was very refluxy and just seemed off. I took her to school and they called me 10 mins later to tell me she had puked. Here is where the adversity continues.

When I got the call I knew that Makenzie had not puked by the sound in her voice. If she had she would have not been as calm and collected as she was. She would have told me to hurry. I knew I was going to walk in to a wet burp.. or a little bit bigger reflux but not vomit.

Sure enough I was right. I was pissed would be putting it mildly. I took her and got on the phone with a district employee. Oh boy... is all I can say about that call. Makenzie will not be going back to school until after we have a meeting that was already scheduled for Friday. Looks like we will have a bit more to talk about!

Then I heard back for the GI nurse. The recommendation from the Doctor was to put the GJ tube back in. This recommendation came with no reasons. I asked her to have him call me and have yet to hear from him.

Makenzie did much better today. I spent a good part of the morning in tears on and off. Big decisions. Too big they seemed.

Then the pediatrician called back and we had a great talk. The G tube stays....

I listen to doctors, I look into what they say. I pray, and then I decide. If I had always done what they wanted me to do my daughter would have a trachea, FUNDO, and 2 holes in her stomach instead of one. Sometime they are not right and for good reason.... they are human too.

So tonight is good. God was faithful and we made it through.

Continue to pray for miracles!

Believe... Prayer works.


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