Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a Trip.... but it Feels Good to be Home!

Rest, relaxation, American food, a soft bed, English TV, DVR, telephone, a fast Internet connection, a bath tub, and washing machine, are just a few things I am super grateful for after being in a different country for a week.

I decided to sleep in a bit this morning and it felt oh so good! My own bed, real food, and my boys!

We ended up going out to lunch with grandma and a few friends and that was great! Home is so nice!

Makenzie rolled around some today which was really great to see because she hasn't done that for a while. She was loose and not as flexed and as always super happy!

The boys are so glad to have Makenzie home and fought over her for a lot of the day.

Tomorrow it is back to school and therapy!

Pray for Miracle's!


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