Monday, April 19, 2010

Walk by Faith!

Walking by Faith is really hard sometimes! I heard this song on the radio today and it was so fitting!

There are many things that I can not see but I have faith that God is in control of. God has a plan and the last 3 years are proof of that!

Continue to pray for miracles! Pray that the new cells in Makenzie's body will bring healing and glory to the all powerful Healer!

After 3 years of craziness I am feeling God's leading to slow down. Summer is coming and there is so many fun things that we can do. I looked at the parks and rec book tonight and hope to sign the boys up for some really fun activities and take some good time to re prioritize what is most important in this life. We only get one chance!

Believe...Prayer Works!


Amy said...

Boy don't, I know that. I am mother to Emma, CP, age 6. I have e-mailed you before. I have been following you guys, as well as Charlie and Joey, as I follow Caradie and Corbie on dropshots. I am praying that the stem cells do wonderous works for all the kiddos this round. They seem to be amazing. We are saving $$ in hopes of trying this with Emma one day soon. Makenzie is sooo cute, and she is getting so much better. She is amazing, and so are you. Just had to say, "hi" since I am lurking and watching your progress with eager anticipation and prayer. God bless you all. I love how you always say, "Believe, prayer works." So very true, and my Emma is a testament to that.

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