Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Life is back in full swing!

I miss my friends dearly. Of course I still have the phone and the Internet but there is something much different about being physically together. Support is an amazing thing! All of us come from different types of homes, have different cultures, parenting styles, do different therapies, have different problems, our children are all different but yet we are so much alike! There is no judgement, no explaining, and no justifying anything. It is just comfortable. We are able to give each other good ideas and talk about what has and hasn't helped our kids. Although I wouldn't wish this "club" on anyone I love to meet new people...the people I call friends!

Makenzie had a really good day! She had PT and OT this morning and her therapists where very excited to see her!

On OT Makenzie did very well on the ball. She did some good rolling and even grabbed several times for the bar on her wall latter. She got a good hold on it one time and was so proud!

In PT she work on getting to side sit and pushing through her arms. Makenzie really seemed to get the concept and tried so hard! While in side sit she reached for a toy with one hand while weight bearing on the other hand! Her therapist was only giving her 2 fingers on her shoulder for support! WOW! Go Makenzie!!!!

It is way to early to really say that the stems cells are working but Makenzie's body feels very different to me! Her arms are moving a ton more and she is trying to point to things a ton.

We were looking at a magazine that has adapted toys in it and 3 times she reached up and pointed to a toy... and even cooler it was a toy that I know she would love!

I picked a couple toys from the magazine that I am going to order for her. She just loves to play but doesn't yet have any adapted toys that she can make work by herself other then her airplane. It is amazing to look at toys and know what my little girl LIKES!!! That is a true miracle! She LIKES things! Think about that! I just LOVE that thought!

Thank you for all of the SUPPORT! It means the world to me! Each and every single one of you are priceless! Keep praying for miracles!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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