Monday, April 26, 2010

A Life Worth Saving!

First, thank you for all of the prayers! All is well and nothing it was!

So with that said we move on! LOL!

On Tuesday my oldest cultured positive for Step throat. This morning I decided to take Makenzie in to the doctor to have her cultured as well. When I called the nurse this morning to tell them I wanted to come in of course she asked me what was going on. My answer... nothing really... I just have a feeling that Makenzie has strep.

Other then the fact that Makenzie was a bit more drooley then usual she really had no other symptoms. Happy and laughing .... not sick but I still had a sneaky suspicion!

Once again my amazing doctor's office accommodated my not sick child. When we got there she was smiling and giggling and no one believed me. Well I didn't believe me either... LOL! They swabbed her anyways because they are wonderful and have stopped asking questions! LOL!!

As we sat waiting for the results of the quick strep test Makenzie continued to giggle and smile. I heard the beep on the test and then I heard a ...."it's positive!" It was almost 12pm and we were the only ones in the office so I stood up, peeked out the door and shouted.... "I told you so!" LOL!!!

There really was no need for a "I told you so" because not one time did anyone give me a hard time. They know when it comes to my kids I am usually right. Not all of the time but usually. So nice to know they trust my mommy gut.

While the doctor and I were talking she asked if I had talked to one of the other doctors in the last week. Yes, I had, but only about my sons illness. She then told me the couple who had administered CPR to Makenzie, on site during her accident, had called their office to ask how she was doing!

I have never met these people. A couple who was waiting for a table outside of a near by restaurant. A couple who just happened to be each be medical professionals. A couple who heard our cries for help and came to my daughters rescue. The couple who along with several others saved my daughters life!

All of this to me is hear say. I didn't see them, I didn't hear them, I know at some point someone gave me their contact information but in all of the chaos that was my life at the time I do not know where it went.

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This Life Was Worth Saving! Thank You!
I am waiting to hear from the doctor who took the call and find out if he took down the couples information. I want them to meet Makenzie. I want to meet them and tell them thank you....I would love to think of something better to give them for what they did....not only did they save my daughters life on March 25th 2007 but 3 years later they still think about Makenzie... however there is nothing more I can do but tell them thank you. AMAZING!! So.... THANK YOU!!! Please pray there is a number out there. Pray we will soon be able to meet face to face. I am ready for that now. Pray!

After leaving the doctor's office we stopped by Target to get Makenzie's RX and did some looking around while we waited. We went straight to the toy section because Makenzie LOVES to look at toys. Such a wonderful feeling! She used her arms VERY well in playing with some new toys.

We came home and I decided to try to give her the ABX in her mouth instead of hooking her up to the tube. She did GREAT! Along with the medicine she had some yogurt and played at the table again with her toys.

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Today was a really good day. Even though Makenzie is "sick" she was so happy and did some really cool things. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Amy said...

I am very teary-eyed as I read this. Thanks for sharing this. Those folks sound wonderful. Makenzie's eyes are absolutely gorgeous. Such a doll.

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