Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Jaw Dropping Good Time

Standers, walkers, pumps, diapers, formula, doctors, therapists, wheelchairs, talkers, braces, walkers, IEP's and the like.

Special needs. Special kids. Special love.

It is a life that most will never live nor understand. It is a good life. It is a life in which many things that most people take for granted are cherished. It is a life of many frustrations and many victories. It is special. It is my life.

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Today special needs brought therapy. This is the case with most everyday. It is really something that I look forward to. All of Makenzie's therapists are wonderful people and I so enjoy their company. Makenzie loves them and if she could talk I am sure she would tell you how important they are to her.

In PT Makenzie worked on reciprocal weight bearing on the bolster. she did a great job. She did a wonderful job of keeping one foot on the ground while shifting her weight to boom the other foot, using her arm, trunk, and head to help shift the weight. Makenzie also loved having her neck stretched in both PT and OT as well.

Feeding therapy started and ended with a bang. Makenzie showed off all of her new skills! We ate for awhile. Then we tried a bit of water from a cup. She did amazing the first 2 sips but the 3rd proved to give her a little trouble. We will continue practicing with thin liquids!

I then got out a bottle with chocolate milk. Makenzie has been sucking on the bottle for me but I was sure she would not show off but......... suck she did.

There were jaws dropping in my house today! Go Kenz! God is so good!

At the end of the session her therapist said that Makenzie was doing the best she had ever seen! She said that I had very good technique and feed Makenzie beautifully. It is so nice to hear. I am so proud of my girl and so glad that I get to be a part of the unfolding of God's healing power.

She ate again at dinner while watching Play with me Sesame. I took some video so you all can see how well she is doing! It was really funny because she did not want to take her eyes off of her favorite show. So cute. Next time I guess I will have to turn her around or turn the TV off but for today it worked! LOL!!!

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I also got some video of her sucking.

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God is leading those stem cells where they need to go! Keep praying for miracles

Believe... Prayer Works!


Fighting Joey said...

WOW! Pam she is rockin. Just in the last couple weeks since seeing her in Costa Rica she is eating soooooo much better. My jaw is dropped open. And whats with the sucking, OMG, Amazing!

Hugs to you both.

Beth said...

I have been reading your daughters blog for only a few weeks now and I am in awe of her progress.

She is a beautiful little girl. She is progressing amazingly.

God is good!

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