Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Home Sick on Day 6

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Costa Rica is a beautiful place. There are so many wonderfully caring people here. Many amazing sites to see. However, on day 6 I am starting to get a bit homesick.

We have eaten at all of the restraunts in this area. The food is ok. We went to Burger King today and although it looks just like BK with a play place and all it was a far cry taste wise to the way it is at home. Everything here has a strage texure. The milk is gross and the sourcream is runny. The bread is dry, and even the name brand things we bought from the market still tasted weird.

I have only found two TV stations that broadcast in English and tonight the internet has been really slow! I am feeling a bit isolated and tired. I miss my boys like crazy, I want to talk to my friends, and sleep in my bed with no one bothering us 2 floors up!

With that said we really did have a great day. It looked much like yesterday. ABM, lunch, stem cells, drinks and laughter by the pool, and now waiting for Makenzie's feed so that I can refill it and head to bed.

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Makenzie hanging out with Tayna doing ABM.

Makenzie has been eating like a CHAMP! After squalking while watching Joey drink some water out of a water bottle I gave in and let her try a little. She LOVED it! She has not yet been cleared for thin liquids on a swallow study but she did very well with it!

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Tomorrow we go in for Makenzie's 3rd stem cell injection at 1:30pm again. Please pray for healing, health and safety!

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More fun by the pool.


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