Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Healing....Day 5

Healing.... lots and lots of healing.

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Makenzie's boo boo.

When we came to Costa Rica 9 months ago. It was hard, stressful, and a bit scary! Back then Makenzie was still vomiting, waking in the night, not eating, choking a lot on her own saliva.

This trip every time I turn around i am reminded of how much better Makenzie is truly doing. This trip has been a walk in the park so far even with the events of the IV placement. Makenzie is love being with her friends and has been so happy. She does so much better with change and has been great with everything we have thrown her way.

I am amazed. It is like we never left but this time I can breath! I love it!

Today we started the day with ABM. Makenzie did really well.

We hung out at the pool for a while, I fed Makenzie at the hotel and then everyone headed down the street for some grown up lunch. We orgered some guacamole and Makenzie LOVE it! She took bite after bite just a smiling away.

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After lunch we went straight to ICM for our first round of Stem cells. There is not much too it but it is still somewhat of an ordeal because Princess Makenzie is a DRAMA queen. The second we started to take the gauz off of her arm the tears came. They stopped here and there but not for long. When all was done I looked at Makenzie and told her that I would stand up and go when she stopped crying. It took about 2 seconds to dry her tears and we were off! What a little faker!

This also was so different then last time. Yes she cried but there was not fear of nor any vomiting. She has healed so much.... did I mention that already? LOL

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When we arrived back at the hotel we camped out at the swimming pool for some drinks and social time. Over 3 hours of social time. Makenzie started to fuss at about 6:30pm so I decided to take her in and put her too bed. Ah yea....she was not going to have anything to do with that idea. The second I hit the door to the room she started crying. I laid her down ti put on her pj's and the aligator tears started flowing. I asked her if she wanted to go back out side and she smiled and then proceeded to cry. I told her that I would take her back outside if she stapped and immediatly she was done.

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We went back out and she was happy as a clam. Our little party dispersed about 6:30pm and then it was really off to bed for Makenzie.

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Makenzie and Gracie outside watching Barney together!

She is sound asleep. As soon as I can refill her food bag I will be right there with her! Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers! Round 2 is tomorrow at 1:30pm! Please pray for God to guide these cells and bring Makenzie healing!

Believe... Prayer Works


Barbara said...

What great news. Will be praying at 1:30 especially hard for her.

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