Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Bunnies

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A few days ago Grandma Linda brought over Easter baskets for the kids. She makes them so beautiful and tops what any store could do.

I helped her carry them into the house quickly before the boys caught wind of what was going on. She looked at me and apologized because she had not made one for Makenzie and had not bought her the usual stuffed bunny.

"No big deal" I replied, "Makenzie has BAGS of stuffed bunnies!"

She looked at me a bit confused so I explained.

I had to go back 3 years to when Makenzie was in the hospital.... on Easter!

Makenzie had a pile of stuffed Easter bunnies at the bottom of her bed from people praying for her near and far. The pile was sprinkled with the occasional puppy, Elmo, tether, and rattle but the mound was primarily bunnies!

I remember un stacking the pile each and every day for over five weeks every day before I got Makenzie's bath ready. While I was bathing Makenzie in a little tub on the floor of her room the nurse would come in and change her sheets so that her bed would be as clean and fresh as she was!

After Makenzie was dry, dressed and had her hair done I would re stack each one again and start all over the next morning.

After bringing Makenzie home I stacked them once again in the corner of her room. The bunnies would stay there for over a year.

One day I decided that all Makenzie's stuffed bunnies needed to go. They were a reminder of many things I really didn't want to think about while getting Makenzie into bed at night nor when I woke in the morning to her beautiful smile.

The little girl I tuck in today is full of life. She is not the little girl who cried every waking moment, couldn't see or hear, couldn't turn her head and didn't respond to much of anything. She is not the little girl who laid in that hospital room.

I packed up the bunnies into trash bags and put them into the basement. I still can't completely let them go but it is ok. I love them. They remind me of good things as well and I can still tell you who most of them came from. They remind me of all the love and support my family had then and continues to have today.

So, yes, Makenzie still has bags of Easter Bunnies! Every once in a while I go dig them out and think about the day I will explain to Makenzie where they came from and how much love they represent!

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This Easter was wonderful! We spent the day with family and it was a BEAUTIFUL day! After lunch we went outside to watch all the boys play some basketball. Makenzie was so excited I thought she was going to throw herself right off of my lap and into the grass!

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My boys really enjoyed hanging out with all of the big men... and are really good little ball payers!

They also got to go on a hunt for Easter treasure. My dad and brother put together a game with 10 clues leading to loot at the end. They got a bit frustrated but in the end it was worth all of the candy and toys, hand picked by grandpa! Thanks Dad! All of the effort means a ton to both me and the boys! Makenzie's treasure was an adorable summer outfit hand picked by my mom! Thanks mom!!! Hopefully it will be warm enough in Costa Rica next week so Makenzie can wear it!!

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What a great day! Even better.... spring break is over and the kids are back to school tomorrow! I will get to have my first completely kid free moment in over 3 weeks! To say I am excited would be an under statement!

I promised myself I would get to bed early tonight so I am off to dream land!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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