Monday, April 12, 2010

Costa Rican IV .... Day 4

Worry.... I am a pro at that.

Makenzie decided that 2am would be a good time to get up this morning. She was very fussy and wanted nothing to do with staying in bed. After about 10 min of trying to get her back to sleep I realized that it was a lost cause.

I decided to get the computer and turn on a movie for her and it worked. She settled down and watched and I went back to sleep. A while later she began to cry again and when I opened my eyes I realized that it was because the computer had died,

I shut the computer and rolled her over and she went back to sleep until about 8am this morning.

I gave Makenzie her last shower for the next 5 days and did her hair. SO stinken cute!

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Another family flew in last and we got the pleasure of meeting them and there beatiful son Brock! We hung out by the pool and talked until shortly before 10am and we all headed to ICM for our first appointment with the doctors.

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Me and Makenzie and Brock and his Mommy!

At this appointment we talked about the many inprovements that we have seen in Makenzie. The doctor also noticed some of the same major changes we have seen over the last 9 months.

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We also talked about the IV placement and my concerns. She told me that most of the time they did not allow parents in the OR but have had a few over the years and that we would talk to the anestesiologist about it.

Worry.... I have been worrying about this day for the last 3 months. I almost didn't book this trip because of this day. The last go around with her being put under was not great and I was terrified but God had something he needed me to learn. TRUST.

We got to the hospital and waited for the anestesiologist who was running late. He had NO problems with me going back with Makenzie. They wheeled both of us on the gurney in our blue smurf suits to the OR. They let me hold her and the mask so that Makenzie wouldn't be scared. She did great! We sang and rocked and before I knew it she was limp....oh what a wonderful feeing.... and out like a light!

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At this point I thought they would escort me out FOR THE procedure but they didn't. I wasn't sure if this was good or bad.... for me that is! LOL

After I laid her down on the table her oxygen started to drop, her hate rate began to rise, and her chest was rising and falling very strange. This is when I started to FREAK OUT! They told me it was ok and that she was just fighting the drugs. I remembered in that moment who I could trust. I looked at the monitor, turned around, started to pray, and her oxygen level went back up and her heart rate when back down.

I paced the room rying not to look. Trying not to worry, Praying for peace. They blew 3 veins and wanted to try to put the IV in her neck. NO WAY. So they tried her other arm and it worked! They stitched it to her and wrapped it up. I picked her up and crawled back onto the gurney, They rolled us into the PACU where the screaming began!

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Makenzie waking up after her IV

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This time it was still hard but bearable. I knew she would stop. There was only one small gag with a little bit of spit up. We went into the other room where Joey, Gracie, and Brock were waiting for there turn. She stopped and started a couple of times and then it was done. YEAH!

Makenzie has been in a great mood ever since!

I love this girl so much! I miss my boys SO much! I know they are being well taken care of!

Tomorrow Makenzie will recieve her first 2 vials of stem cells at 1:30pm. Now that today is over I am SUPER excited!!!

Please pray for ALL of these cells to go EXCATLY where they need to go!

We are ending our night outside with a few drinks under the Costa Rican moon. We are having a GREAT time!

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Gracie and mommy hanging out by the pool playing on the computer.

Believe....Prayer Works!


Anonymous said...

Poor thing. I am glad it is over and done, let the HEALING begin!! Praying for those cells girlfriend! Kiss Miss Kenz, and much much love to you!!! I sent you a few texts. Miss ya!!!
Jami Poore (Izak's mommy)

Tonya said...

Please lord keep Makenzie happy and comfortable. Guide these new stem cells so that they may bring healing to Makenzie, and glory to you. Bless the family who donated their babies cord blood.

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