Monday, April 5, 2010

Back on Track!

Back to life. Back to reality!

ALL of the kids went back to school today!

Makenzie has not been to school in over 3 weeks. She was so excited to go! When I told her she was going to school she got the biggest grin on her face.

For me it was great because I was able to get a bunch of house work done! It is the best feeling to be able to sit down and relax as soon as I put the boys to bed without a list of things that need to be done hanging over my head!

Makenzie had a GREAT day at school. She loves to play with her friends and from the looks of the blue and green under her fingernails they must have done some painting too!

It was so nice to be back to normal life. It will be short lived but for this week I am going to enjoy it!

We leave on Fri afternoon for Costa Rica! I am starting to get very excited! We now have 4 kids including Makenzie who will be heading to ICM for stem cells all at the same time! There will be a total of 3 kids and 4 adults laying over in the same place on Friday to fly into San Jose together! WOW!!! This is going to be quite an American Invasion! Oh and not to leave out another huge person...our ABM practitioner, Tayna.... who will be traveling to Costa Rica to treat ALL 4 of our kiddos for the entire week!

Please pray for saftey! Please pray for health. Pray that God would again send the new cells to the places in Makenzie's little body that need restoration. Please pray that there would be no issues with the IV placement.... my biggest concern because Makenzie does not do well with pain nor does she want anything to do with the mask that administers the sleepy medicine.

I am trying to surrender this fear but it is hard! God is getting us to Costa Rica He will protect Makenzie while we are there!

Please Believe...Prayer Works!!!!


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