Monday, March 1, 2010

Water Woes Not Me Style

Last week seemed to just fly by! Monday is here and I thought I would tell you some of the things that I didn't do this week now and do an update tonight.

I cook a lot! That is why I am not supper proud that only took me 10 days to make the 6 meals that I got off of last Friday. We never go out to eat... even when I promise myself that I am going to cook at home for one whole week! You do the math on that one! Yeah not me!

I most definitely wasn't having a really important phone call with a friend at my daughters bath time this week. Seeing as how I wasn't on the phone it surly wasn't me who put the phone on speaker so I could continue talking while in the tub with my daughter. Heck no! Not Me! I think it is time to invest in a bath seat for Makenzie!

The highlight of my week was my pilot light going out on my furnace 2 times and the water being shut off because of a water main break down the street. It wasn't me at nine o clock who filled every last cup large and small with every drop of water I could squeeze out of the faucets.

Then it wouldn't be me that forgot to do the laundry I needed to have clean in order to get our pictures taken on Friday afternoon. So when the water company knocked on my door Friday morning to tell me that they were turning the water off again for 4 hours, it wasn't me who was scrambling to get one load washed before they shut us off. I wouldn't have wanted to wear holey, dirty clothes to a photo shoot I was driving over an hour to get too! I am way more on top of my life then that!

Then it surly wasn't me who even after being shown how to fix my pilot light two days before, could not get it lit when it went out AGAIN for the second time in one week! However, my son could. Yeah, my house did not burn down and my 12 year old knows how to fix the furnace! I was just checking to see if he could figure it out cause it surly wasn't me that couldn't figure it out even after 20 tries! Good thing they only sell matches around in here by the hundreds!

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Whew I think confession is now over! Have a great afternoon!


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