Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Voice4u GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Do you remember when your kids started stringing words together to make sentences. That was the day that you wondered why you ever wished they would talk. From that moment on they would never again be quiet!

Well today Makenzie began to string words together on her talker. She was playing on the computer while her therapist and I where ironing out electronic stuff within some programs and applications.

She told Jill she wanted to eat. I brought her a sucker. Jill tried to give it to her and Makenzie didn't seem to be interested so she put it down. Makenzie then decided to tell us "I want help" so Jill and I looked up fron the computer just in time to hear Makenzie say "I want what you have." What Jill had in her hand was the sucker. She was so proud and very much enjoyed her her little, round, sweet, treat!

Sentences! More then one word, strung together, that made since, not one but 2 times! WOW!

I guarantee that I will not ever wonder why I wanted her talk!!! Turn up the volume! Shout it on the roof top! Go Kenz!!!

With that being said I have the pleasure of bringing you Makenzie's Miracle's first official blog giveaway!!!!!

Voice4u is an amazing product for the iPhone/iTouch that can and is being used as a stand alone communication device for children/adults with disabilities. Makenzie and I have had the privilege of trying it out and I think it is absolutely wonderful!

Yumi Kubo, is the mother of a 15-year-old son with autism, and the founder and CEO of Spectrum Vision. After a long road of frustration and great personal expence trying to find an augmentative communication device that would work for her son and she could understand, Yumi Kubo created a communication application on the iPhone and iPod Touch called “Voice4u”.

At first Yumi thought that this application would only be used by her son. However, she soon realized that people around the world who also had disabilities could benefit from using Voice4u as well. Many more voice's could be heard!

"Over these past fourteen years, I have had the opportunity to meet many children with autism or other developmental disabilities. I definitely feel like most of these children feel each of their actions in their hearts. If Voice4u is able to help carry the voices of these little angels even the slightest bit, I am sure you will understand the value of this product. These angels all have varying personalities; some may be shy, yet others may be stubborn or outgoing. Although it may take time for your children to get used to our product, we hope that you will be able to hear the voice of your child little by little. If we are able to be of even the slightest assistance to all of those who use our product, nothing could make the Voice4u team happier." Yumi Kubo

Voice4u includes:

*A VERY affordable price tag of @29.99.

*It is simple enough that 3 year old can use it.

*You can add up to ONE THOUSAND of your OWN icons and sentences

*The Voice4u website walks you through each and every step of how to use Voice4u via short vlogs.

Yumi has generously offered to give one of our readers a free Voice4U application.

Here is how it goes, if you'd like to try to win your very own, Voice4u iPhone/iTouch application:

1. You may leave a comment on this post to get one entry.

2. You can Tweet or Facebook about this contest, linking to my blog, and then leave another comment here saying "I Tweeted!" or "I Facebooked!" for a second entry, leaving the link to the Tweet or Facebook update.

3. You'll get a third entry if you blog about this contest, link to my blog, and leave yet another comment saying "I blogged about it," leaving the blog link.

4.Follow Voice4u on Twitter and Facebook leaving a comment here saying that you are.

5. Watch the video tutorial here and leave a comment about the Voice4u product.

Comments for this giveway will be closed at midnight March 15th 2010. Once I announce the winner, you will have 48 hours to get back to me with e mail information, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

This is a sponsored post. The revenue from this post went directly into Makenzie's Medical Fund. Makenzie also received a free Voice4u application to try out. We absolutely love it.

Believe... Prayer Works!!!


ferfischer said...

FUN! I've heard about this! You can enter me, although I don't think we're ready yet. Plus, that would mean getting an itouch/iphone that will work with it, and I'm SO not sure if I want to go there! :) Congrats on the sentences!

Fighting Joey said...

Pam, I have an iphone and think this is very cool.

jjpsmommy07 said...

i just read an article about that the other day, looks really cool, but I don't have an iphone.... I have been looking into the difference compared to the phones we have. Good job Makenzie!

Reagan Leigh said...

I would love to try that with Reagan! Send it my way...

Shauna Quintero said...

Hey, I'm not sure Christian's ready for that yet, but he will be someday. And Gabe has an Itouch so we you could use it if we can be in the running?

Kara Melissa said...

I'm planning to get the iPad for an application like this (or this one) since it is bigger and easier for lower fine motor skill ability. I just started to follow voice4u on twitter. I'm happy to have found you blog via Hopeful Parents. Your daughter is beautiful and prayer is powerful and it works indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I would love to win this and donate it to my son's school! He attends a school for severely disabled children, many of whom could benefit from this application.

jillk77 at aol dot com said...

I found you on Parent 2 Parent - I would also donate this if I won. This is preemie week on my blog, but since this is such a cool giveaway I'll let you know if I post a link! said...

I posted on Facebook said...

I also posted on a Down Syndrome Forum I visit. Does this count as an entry? It's okay if it doesn't, some parents have posted there that they are interested in this type of app so I thought they might want to know.

I post my blog giveaways on and Online Sweepstakes, it's nice way to spread the word.

tina reynolds said...

looks like a great app thanks for the chance to win

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