Monday, March 15, 2010

Super Heros!

Another day of friends! This time is was a friend that I feel like I have known forever but met just today.

I wrote about her amazing son Christian here. In person , he is even more amazing! What a super hero! Makenzie could not keep her eyes off of him or his baby sister!

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We had several appointment and then went out to lunch at the Macaroni Grill.

The coolest ting happened! We were seated and looking over the menu. Makenzie has been big on eating lately... not a lot of volume but she wants to partake so I was looking for something she could have. I asked the server if they had anything like applesauce....pureed. He thought for a second and said no.

Usually that is were the conversation ends. Not today. He then told me that he could have anything that we ordered for her pureed! WOW! So Makenzie had sauce and meat all blended up!!! Thank You Macaroni Grill!

The day was amazing! Crazy but amazing! Tomorrow we are getting together for lunch with Christian and Cici and their mommies of course for some good time to just sit, hang out, talk, and enjoy time together as super mommies! I really can't wait!


Sophie said...

Wow I'm so happy for Mackenzie, Christian and Cici that they got to known each other!!!!

Anonymous said...

Feb 24th you stated When we got home Makenzie's feeding therapist was waiting. Turns out I didn't need to get lunch because Lyn had brought Fazoli's. Makenzie ate spaghetti, a bit of a bread stick, but sounds like Makenzie isn't able to eat those things if she needs them pureed in this post.

Makenzies Miracle said...
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Makenzies Miracle said...

Makenzie's diet consists of purees and meltables. She is working on chewing. When you have a child that can only eat purees you get very good at doing so with a food processer. Spagettii is her favotite so Lyn brought it and we pureed it. She ate tiny peices of the bread stick working on her chewing and licking the salt off of the bread working on moving her tongue in all different directions. It is therapy. It is all new for Makenzie as she is working on building stronger oral motor skills. It is not a skill that is not fully developed and would not at this point be done outside of a very controlled theraputic enviornment.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what's up with the other "Anonymous" -- surely you are capable of knowing what your daughter has eaten (in any form) without someone casting doubt. Odd! Brush it off.

Shauna Quintero said...


I'm not even sure what to say about the above post other than WTF??? Let's remove the microscope for more important things, shall we?

It was so great to meet Makenzie yesterday and today. Thank you for ALL the support and connections you've given me for Christian. You've been such a great help and an awesome "people connector."

We had such a fun lunch today that lasted 3 hours!!! Geez, us ladies can talk. But you and Jenny have made such a difference in our life and it's so nice to hang out with other super mommies that truly understand day to day life with a special baby.

Makenzie is amazing. She gives me so much hope. She's got a smile that changes people who meet her. I just love her to death and the videos and pictures do NOT do her justice.

She did GREAT eating today, BTW. ;)

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