Monday, March 8, 2010

The Simple Things In Life

There is nothing on earth better then an ice cream sundae!

There is a group of women from our church that have been bring us dinner once a week. It is amazing how impeccable their timing has been. they always seem to call ready to bring a meal on nights that I have not one clue what I am doing for dinner!

Last night we had a wonderful meal topped of with all of the fixings for an ice cream sundae! My kids were in heaven!!!

Huge thanks goes out to all of these wonderful women!

Today was insane! Busy is an understatement! I have been trying to tie up loose ends for our trip to the ABM center and today it all hit the fan! Oh the joys of travel!

Makenzie had a great day all the way around. She is still a bit congested but doing much better!

I stopped into school a bit early just in time to find them painting ants! Makenzie was having a great time! I am always so amazed at how loved she is there!

Today Makenzie was invited to one of her friends house for a play date! My heart just melted! He was so excited! After talking to his mom they have big plans of all kinds of fun things to do while Makenzie is there. Most exciting is the bike ride he has planed with Makenzie in back being pulled by her buddy! AMAZING!!!! God is so good!

Hopefully we can get it set up before we leave for CA! I am so excited for Makenzie!!!

Big things coming up! Please pray for safety and healing!!!


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