Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quick as Lightning!

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Yesterday and today Makenzie got to play with her friend Julia while her mom and dad moved.

Julia suffered a brain injury several years ago from viral meningitis. Julia is able to sit, walk, and eat. She is a very busy girl and Makenzie had a great time watching her every move.

The last couple of days was a really great experience for me as well. It is amazing how each and every brain injury and the healing process is so different.

Julia doesn't ever stop. She goes from one activity to the next. She know what she wants but can not tell you so she grunts and points. She is a tall 4 year old that can reach on the counter, can open doors but has no fear or impulse control. She is an absolutely beautiful little girl.

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Susan, Julia's mom, and I have talked many times in the past about how frustrating Julia's behavior is because she can not take her eyes off of her for a second. If she does there is lipstick on the carpet, toilet paper all over the house, or she is out the door and down the street. Keeping Julia safe is HARD! This weekend I got to live in that world for a very short time and all I have to say is Susan has got to be the strongest woman I know! Julia was a delight but I can definitely see why keeping up with her is exhausting!

I would give anything for some of Julia's movement and Susan would give anything for a bit of Makenzie's stillness. We are two moms with polar opposite issues. We are two moms that feel the same loss and grief. We are two moms the take joy in all of the healing God gives to our children. We both get each other even though our lives are so different!

What a great weekend! Makenzie speech therapist came over today and brought Makenzie's painting she made a couple of weeks ago on the computer! I think it is beautiful!

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Tomorrow Makenzie and I get to meet another friend. I am SOOOO excited! I am sure there will be tons of pictures and stories to tell!

Thank you all for the love and support! I feel so blessed!!!

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Shawn said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH PAM! WE LOVE YOU! your words are so kind and inspiring...and we appreciate it all. can't wait to have you all over to the new house so you can see it and relax. we'll have to get a staff of like 5 to make sure we can hang out and relax, but it will be worth it!

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