Friday, March 5, 2010

My Sick Princess

My poor princess has a cold!

Makenzie spent all day today fighting to breath through her nose and it was running faster then I could wipe it. She doesn't have a fever and is still very happy and smiley.

I cancelled ABM today because Makenzie just looked icky and hung out at home instead.

The most amazing thing about today is that Makenzie continues to tolerate her formula! Before we went to Costa Rica for stem cells, any time Makenzie got sick her formula got replaced by pedialite so that she would not reflux and vomit. Depending on how sick she was it would be 2-7 days before she would be back to the same dose and rate. WOW!!

Her healing in the last 6 months just continues to amaze me!!!

Makenzie had a very hard time finding sleep tonight. She fell asleep pretty quickly but woke up as soon as I got out of the bed. I tried many things to help her back to sleep but she just seemed very uncomfortable. I gave her some Advil and cuddled with her for a while until the medicine kicked in. She seems to be resting peacefully!

Sick or not Makenzie is just a happy kid! Here is a video... taken in the dark....of our cuddle/play time.... at 9pm....3 hours past Makenzie's bed time..... with a cold..... and she is still laughing! I just love that girl! Thank goodness she finally found her sleep!

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