Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ice Cream Party!

Getting some extra sleep last night felt so good. I still had a very hard time getting up this morning but right now I feel wonderful!!! I was in bed by 10:45pm which is a record!

Today was a blur of business... normal for my day!

Makenzie had PT and OT. She did really good and showed off her rolling. There were a few tears shed when her PT left because she is going on vacation next week and we will be in CA the week after that. It will be the longest time without seeing her therapists in over 2 years. It is amazing how much these therapists have truly become a part of our life! I love them so much. We decided that we would have to Skype. I guess I better get to figuring that out! LOL!!!

Then we headed downtown for ABM and Makenzie did amazing!

We got to school just in time to join the ice cream making festivities! Makenzie thought that watching her friends shake ice and salt all over the room was great! She also enjoyed shaking her own ice cream.

Once again it is soooooo wonderful to see how much all of her friends love her! They see past her differences. They are protective of her and she is always the one to sit next too during circle!

She also used her switch to read the class a story on the computer. Makenzie just gets better and better with her talker every day!! It is so awesome to see her having so much fun really talking to her friends at school and to see how much fun it is for her friends as well!!

When it was snack time Makenzie asked her teacher two times if she could eat her ice cream that she had made! It is just heartbreaking to have to tell her no and I could tell her teachers felt so bad they couldn't give it to her to eat with the other kids. At this point I am not comfortable with the school feeding her and they have been very respectful by not even when it is heartbreaking! Sorry Kenz! We will work on that!

This afternoon I also found out that a good friend of mine who also has a child with special needs is planning on starting ABM with her son. The even better part.... she is hoping to start this therapy in CA, at the ABM Center, with Makenzie and I!!!! Yeah it just doesn't get any better then that! I am sooooooo super excited!

I have managed to get 3 meals frozen for the boys and grandma when Makenzie and I are in CA! I am really so proud of myself! My mom will bring a meal one night and the ladies from the church will bring one too. That means I only have about 2 more to go!!! I am getting there! The loose ends soon will be all tied up and I am beginning to feel some relief!

Please pray for healing!

Believe... Prayer Works!!!


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