Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today we had two sessions of ABM. Andrew came to the house for the first one and then we headed over to the north west side of town to have our second session with Shauna and Christian.

Shauna and I were talking last night about the wonderful time we all had and she said that it felt like she was in Italy. Spot on! Were were in Italy! It was a perfect day!

If you have no clue what what being in Italy has to do with our lunch I guess I should let you in on the special mommy's club inside scoop.

There is a really cool story titled "Welcome to Holland". It is about planning your life with a child but having your plans changed after having a child with special needs. The author compares this to planning a trip to Italy but landing in Holland instead. To read Welcome to Holland in its entirety click here.

Yesterday we were most defiantly in Italy.... or as Shauna added.... at the very least, a VERY good Holland!

Well today was a repeat of being in Italy.

After ABM we just hung out. We talked MORE. We had some lunch and then took advantage of a gorgeous day by taking the kids on a walk around the lake. We made it half way around when we found a playground. I asked Makenzie if she wanted to play and she gave me a HUGE smile! So of course we stopped to play! Both Makenzie and Christian loved it.

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After our walk Makenzie and I were on our way home to meet the boys after school. Makenzie got pretty cranky about 15 Min's into our car ride. Of course the highway was at a complete stop. Not good!!!! We were going no where fast and Makenzie wanted nothing to do with being in the car.

I am pretty sure that we were on every single highway in both directions today trying to find a way to get home. We finally broke out of the traffic and made it to our final destination and the boys just in time!

While we were stopped on the highway I was able to find a toy for Makenzie. It is a stick with bells on it. Makenzie loves that silly noise maker. She stopped fussing which was a really good thing! I laid it on her lap so that I could drive. About 5 minutes later I looked back and she was HOLDING it!!! She spent the whole rest of the trip trying to find it, pick it up, drop it, cry for me to put it back where she could get it, and start all over again! AMAZING!!! Makenzie's hands are really waking up!!!

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We have another busy but great day planned for tomorrow! Friday I will have a ton of stuff to do in order to get ready to leave for California! It will all come together! It always does!


Reagan Leigh said...

Reagan has that same toy. She loves it! I'm so jealous over all of your special needs friends! I wish I knew more mothers really seem to have a great support system!

Nicole said...

this little girl has a wonderful smile!!!!!

Do you know she has been helping me to make my mentally handicaped daughter feel better?
Kersty has been getting quite depressive because she realises she has a handicap... She was so unhappy and miserable. When she saw Mackenzie rolling on the floor or playing, she realised she is lucky because she can walk, and eat, and there she was saying all the reasons she was "lucky".
She even said she could do math and write...hmmmmmm just a little little bit! :-)
I suggested then when she fellt upset or lonely she could pray for Mackenzie in her heart.
This was three days ago and she has been so much happier with herself and life!
I asked if she had been praying for the little girl and she said "yes"
It is not a big consolation for you, but this little miracle girl can be someone elses little miracle!
Thank you!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, so inspired by your little girl. Thank you so much for introducing me to your blog. I so wish that I could help you make Makenzie's trip possible, but I am dealing with medical costs of my own! But if there is anything I can do please let me know!

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