Sunday, March 7, 2010

Christians Journey

This morning I got an unexpected wake up call from a friend. This friend has a little boy named Christian who suffered a serious brain injury after nearly drowning about 8 months ago.

I do not remember how I heard about Christian but I do remember talking to his mom, Shauna, shortly after his accident. My heart bled for this mother as reading her updates brought me back to the day in March that we nearly lost Makenzie and all of the days that followed in the hospital.

There came a time in Christian's recovery when the doctors felt his lack of gag and cough would mean he would need a trache placed into his throat to help him breath and give a more permanent way to clear his secretions.

I also remember talking to Shauna about this very tough decision trying to dig back into the past and remember if Makenzie had coughed or gagged before they took out her breathing tube. Nope, no can do....I couldn't remember.

Shaunas family decided to go ahead with the surgery to place the trache. After a very short time Christian began to cough and gag and doubts about whether or not Christian really needed the trache began to arise. It was done. There was no looking back. Right or wrong, this was a decision that was made in the best interest of there baby boy.

Christian has had a trache for the last 8 months and has not really needed it much at all. He has strong lungs, a good cough, and definite gag. The hurdle was now trying to get the doctors to agree to take it out. If you don't belong to the special needs club I am here to tell you this is a HUGE obstacle! HUGE!

The reason for the phone call this morning was one that I wouldn't have missed for anything! Christian somehow managed to dislodge his trache last night! After many attempts to put it back in it was a no go! The stoma (hole) had already closed!

However Christian was reading 97-100% O2 saturation on his pulse ox machine and after speaking with the doctors it was decided the best thing at that point would be to leave it out and give it a go. Tonight he is still going strong! NO MORE TRACHE!!! God is so good!!!

I met Christian and Shauna on the Internet through a blog. Having the privilege to share this news with her family really got me thinking about the blogsphere and why I write this blog.

I don't have anything to sell. I have no quirky recipes, photography tips, or parenting advice.

What I do have is a life changing story that has aloud me to meet some really amazing people!

I have met many people from all around the world. Some who walk this road and some who don't and I hope never, ever will!

The answer to why Makenzie has not received complete healing may very well be all about this. I would not be here today if she had!

I would not be reaching out to the Shauna's of this world and they would not be reaching back.

I would not be sharing the beautiful story of God's hope, grace, and faithfulness, even through great pain.

I would not be half the person that I am today!

I am so honored that Shauna picked up the phone this morning and let me be a part of this huge moment in her life!

I am honored by and so thankful for all who continue to be a part of our families life and for all who have allowed us to become a part of yours!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

I am overwhelmed tonight just thinking over the last 3 years. Thinking about how far we have come and how many people are and will continue stand firm in hope with us for Makenzie!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Jen said...

What a beautiful story and I love seeing how God works in the lives of others. He truly is able to work through us so that we can be a blessing to others and others can bless us.


Shauna Quintero said...

I'm so proud that my Christian gets to be the subject of your blog.

You and Makenzie have helped us navigate this crazy, heart wrenching, beautiful journey and without people like you, it would be a very lonley journey.

So thank you so much for being there yesterday morning for me to share this news!

God has definitely used you and still using you to touch the lives of so many with Makenzie's story and with what you've learned and gladly share with other families.

Keep up the good fight.

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