Saturday, March 27, 2010

Anything is Possible!

We are HOME!! YEAH!!

The flight home went very good! We made it to the airport by about 5:45am after missing the 5am shuttle. Oops! Makenzie is a fabulous little traveler! I guess we have done it enough to be pros by now!

Here is a picture of San Fransisco at 4:30am! Way, way to early to be awake but it was so beautiful!

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I was able to take a short nap which felt really good! Makenzie is sound asleep after our long day and the boys are just hanging out. I was royally spoiled while we were in CA with all of Andrew's help. It was a real treat!

So I promised a really cool "story" a couple of day ago. So here is goes.

While hanging out one day a family of 5 road up to the front of the hotel on a quint bike. There was a mom, dad, and 3 little girls. At first glance they we maybe 3,5, and 7 years old.

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Out of curiosity my friend Lisa started to talk to them. Here is the crazy amazing part...... This family started riding their bike Aug 1st 2009..... their kids at the time were 6,4, and 2.... they started peddling in Kentucky With $300 in their pocket and a desire to show their girls the country! When our paths crossed , the Pedouin Family had made it to San Fransisco......4433 miles. The goal is to get all the way to ALASKA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For me my first gut response was that they were NUTS!!! The kids looked happy and healthy and none worse for the wear but still in my head I am thinking " are you CRAZY"

The next morning we ran into them taking off for their next day of travel. I thought to myself.... geez if they can to that, I can do ANYTHING! With God's love and Grace, hard work, accepting help and kindness form others, togetherness, and a ton of support, anything, including riding a bike with 3 kids under 8 from Kentucky all the way to Alaska is possible! Check out their website here

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Thank you to everyone that made our trip to California possible! Thank you for all of the generosity and kindness, prayers, physical help, monetary help, and utter love and desire to help Makenzie in any way possible to heal!! From the bottom of my heart! THANK YOU!!!!

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Here are the pictures of our detour to the beach on Friday night on our way to the hotel.

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Believe...Prayer Works!!!


WhitneyBooze said...

Welcome home.
I'm glad you had a good trip.
I can't wait to hear about any changes you see in M after being in CA for a week.

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Thank you so much for introducing us to the Pedouin family, Pam - the are amazing. You are right, anything is possible.

I for one will be following their progress. I particularly love that it would appear that they have a potty on the rear rack (correct me if I'm wrong) - of all the items you might need closest at hand on a five-person bicycle...

Love it. Susan (Sydney, Australia)

Nicole said...

I was away for four days to sign books down south.
I am back and looking at your posts.
I got so excited by this quint bicycle because I wrote a story about a family cycling along...
I had no idea it really was possible!!!
Thank you!
I saw your daughter on mackmama's blog! She stands out so much!How can she radiate like that!

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