Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Day

Another day... another....therapy appointment! Isn't that supposed to be another day another dollar? Oh well!!!!

Makenzie had PT and it went well. She is doing such a great job pushing up with her arms and for a short while looked really good in all fours. She ate wonderful today. She topped off lunch with the ice cream she made on Thursday at school. Makenzie just continues to amaze every one with her continued progress in her oral motor skills!

I spent a lot of the rest of the day in front of this screen. Getting Makenzie ready to go CA and preparing everything else for the boys at home is very time consuming.

Each single task usually requires multiple steps involving waiting for a response before finalizing plans.

As of right now I think all I have left to do is make sure Makenzie's feeding supplies are here by Friday, fill some RX's, and shop for the odds and ends needed to travel. Whew!!! In 8 days it will all be done and we will be in Sunny CA getting ready to start ABM! Yeah!!!'

Another really cool thing has transpired over the last 24 hours. A very close friend of mine, Jami, has decided to join us in CA at the ABM center with her son Izak. This is a wonderful woman that I have become VERY close with.

Jami's son Izak was diagnosed with Viral Meningitis. This caused a serious brain injury. While in the hospital the doctors also discovered a very rare form of neuroblastoma. (cancer) Izak spent many months in the hospital fighting his cancer and beat it! Izak is now cancer free and can finally focus on the healing of his brain and body!

Their travel plans are still in the works and we are praying super hard that everything will all come together! I can not wait to finally meet Jami and Izak! God is so good! Very exciting stuff!

My house is clean. The laundry is almost done. Tomorrow is another busy day. Another day.....with no therapy.... just fun times with friends and family!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Karl and Carla Minor said...

You're such a cool mom.

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