Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anat Baniel Center....Day 2

Is it possible for day 2 to be better then day one? YEP!

Makenzie had 2 wonderful lessons today.

Both of the practitioners that worked on Makenzie today took time to watch the hour long consult that we had with Anat Baniel yesterday so they could see how Anat worked with her and get an idea of some of the important points to concentrate on.

Makenzie had a wonderful lesson with Neil. We saw great improvement. He worked a lot on her continuing control over her flexion, rolling onto her elbows and stomach, a bit of supination, and freeing her jaw mouth and tongue.

After her lesson with Neil we decided to stay and hang out meeting a lot of other parents and their children. We even got the pleasure of a mini parent lesson from Anat. Makenzie's arms continued to be loose enough to lift above her head for the remainder of the afternoon and into the evening.

Makenzie's second lesson was with Sylvia. This was the first lesson Makenzie has had with her. It is just amazing to me the different styles and interpretation that each different practitioner has of the ABM method. Each incredibly important!

Sylvia worked with Makenzie on the floor she did a lot of functional movement including, coming up onto her knees, reaching for a toy over a roll,side sitting, tailor sitting, hand to foot using her feet and legs to show are hands how to move and bear weight, rolling up to sit, and getting weight through her feet in a squat.

When we went to put Makenzie into her car seat we had to adjust her straps because she had gained so much length in her spine that it made her to tall to fit!

After our full day of ABM we went to dinner with some old friends we met almost 2 years ago in Florida at our first IMOT session. We enjoyed some Puerto Rican Food at Sol Food. It was so great to catch up and the kids did pretty well considering they had such busy days!

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Tomorrow or Thursday we are going to join them again for a picnic on the beach! Makenzie is going to LOVE that!

This intensive looks very promising and are looking forward to day number 3. For more information on ABM please visit Anat Baniel's site here

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ferfischer said...

Great news - glad it's going so well! You're missing the snow day here - I bet you're upset! :)

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