Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anat Baniel Center... Day 3

ABM continues to just leave me breathless.

I realize that this is not a quick fix but the changes in Makenzie have been just wonderful.

Today after Her second lesson I asked the practitioner if she noticed a change in Makenzie's body. The response was a most defiantly ....yes!

Makenzie was a bit more flexed today but she worked through it. She did a wonderful job putting weight into her elbows, arms,and feet. She also did a great job rolling to sit. The other thing that has been very noticeable is an increase in Makenzie's height. This is because her spine is straighter, her posture in gravity is better. Remember the car seat straps? Yeah I do!

After her lesson Makenzie and I headed to the beach with Lisa, Holly, and Camille. Lisa brought a picnic lunch. Makenzie laughed all the way up to the beach on the super windy, cliff ridden, 2 lane narrow road, while I burred my head in my lap praying we would not fall off the side of the road.

The beach was a bit cool and windy but Makenzie loved putting her feet in the sand. I let her go down to the water despite the cold and put her feet in the surf. She was so happy and giggly! She walked so well and didn't want mommy to take her away!

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While we were at the beach I decided to give feeding her a go. She did GREAT!!! I mean really great! There was no coughing, she opened her mouth for each bite, and closed her lips a ton!! Then when it got to cold we headed back to the car and had key lime pie and lemon meringue for dessert. She loved it!

When we got back to the hotel I got something to drink and Makenzie just kept looking at me and babbling. I asked her if she was still hungry and she preceded to eat MORE! GO MAKENZIE!!!

Before bed I decided to try to put her in one of the positions that she had been in during one of her lessons. She LOVED that too! Her head went right up and she had NO problem with her feet being flat on the ground!

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Right now all is quiet. Makenzie is sound asleep. She has been sleeping GREAT. I am pretty sure she has not gotten up before 8am yet! I am going to go join her in dream land! We have another lesson with Anat tomorrow afternoon!! Please pray for God's healing power through Anat and Sylvia tomorrow!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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