Friday, February 5, 2010

School Woes

Mommy Trumps All, right?

There are some people that don't think it true and today was a day I got to deal with one of these people.

Once again I find myself fighting for what is best for Makenzie.

I find myself so angry I am in tears.

The struggles with Makenzie's school continue. They have become more serious at this point because the school district has stated that they will not allow Makenzie to go to preschool for another year.

Makenzie is by NO means ready for Kindergarten. She will barley be 5 when school starts in the fall. Almost ALL of her goals are social. They have just set up Augmentative communication for her that is not fully implemented and they still do not have good seating for her to access communication or table top activities.

She is starting to show great potential to learn.

Today during therapy Makenzie played a computer program that gave her 3 choices and then told her what choose and she picked the right one every time. She completed the whole program by herself with no prompting. She is talking a ton more and even has a few WORDS that she has started to say.... hi, yeah, go, and the other day during ABM she said HELLO!

Makenzie has also really become interested in her friends and has been interacting very well in play. She has been vocalizing a ton and loves to do the same things as her peers! This won't happen in Kindergarten. Kindergarten is not fun and games anymore and her friends will be working not playing like they do in preschool.

I do realize at some point she can't go to Preschool anymore but she is still an appropriate age right now. I see no rush in pushing her out of an environment where she continues to thrive and learn through play.

The only reason the district has given me for this non sense is a bunch of policy that has nothing to do with Makenzie other then how old she happens to be. (which by the way, happens to be an age that MANY parents choose to hold back their NORMAL kids)

This means nothing to me if it is not in Makenzie's best interest.

Of course the school believes that sending Makenzie to Kindergarten is in her best intrest. That is where I pull out the TRUMP card! This may be a team effort however when the "team" won't consider any of what the mother has to say in a respectful way or give reasons that apply to the child's well being. Reasons that make a compelling point other then strictly the upholding of policy... well the "team" concept ceases to exist!

So the next step is to hire an advocate to attended a meeting with the top dogs at the district.. As hard as I have tried to advocate for my daughter, clearly I need help. After that I will be hiring an attorney and filing a suit against the school district in court. I have an appointment for a consult on Monday with an attorney to find out what the next steps will be if advocating doesn't work, and where we go from there.

They have pushed me too far! If Makenzie didn't love school so much I would just pull her out but that is not the case.... she loves school. Now if only she could get a Free and Appropriate Education!



ferfischer said...

I know we are in a different district, but I know several families in Max's preschool that got another year of preschool as well. Anyway, there are advocates that will help you for FREE, I don't think you have to pay for one! Make sure to contact the ARC and Family Voices to get someone to point you in the right direction and help you. Sorry, I'm not too familiar with your district!

Julia said...


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