Thursday, February 11, 2010

Party Time!

Seven, four year old children, their moms, dads, and siblings, all in one room makes for a very loud Valentine's party. Not that it wasn't fun because it was, but Makenzie was a bit overwhelmed by the whole ordeal.

It just amazes me how much all of the kids in Makenzie's class love her. When she gets to school she is the center of all attention no matter what is going on! It is so cute and it so make my heart sing!

Today of course all of the kids brought little treats for their friends. One little boy asked his mom if he could bring bubbles instead of candy because he knew Makenzie loved bubbles! Ok, now my heart is just bursting. SO cute!

I got this crazy idea to MAKE Makenzie's valentine's. Yeah just pile it on! She is my only little girl and I have waited for 12 years to do this kind of stuff so I decided that whether or not she cared I was gonna do it so I did! Nothing fancy but I thought they turned out cute.... all 27 of them! AHHHHHH

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We had fun. A nice end to a crazy day that started with my heater not working and my house being 52 degrees! Yeah I was cold and getting out of bed this morning was HARD. Thank goodness for grandpa's who come over and fix those kinds of things!

I haven't felt the best for the last couple of days and Makenzie seems to be having some tummy issues tonight. Please pray that she doesn't have what I had! No fun... at all!

Believe...Prayer Works


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