Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Fun!

I told a friend last night that I had nothing going on today. I think my idea of nothing is a little off.

Makenzie had PT this morning and did really well! She rolled on and off of her stomach well and got her hands up to push a few times fast then her PT or myself had ever seen! Go Makenzie!

Lunch went great! Makenzie ate really well! I have been feeding her facing a mirror and she loves to watch herself eat! Well she loves to watch herself period but that is nothing new! LOL!

Then we had our bi monthly check up with the nurse and got to tell her all about Makenzie's adventure to the hospital last week for her tube change.

Loading up in the car was next on the list, time for Makenzie to go to school so Mommy could run some errands....oh wait that would be so Makenzie can learn and be with her friends! LOL and so mommy can get some stuff done minus children!

Then it was back to pick Makenzie up. Get the boys a snack, do homework, give baths, do Makenzie's hair, make formula, dose meds, talk to a friend, schedule a phone consult with an ortho doctor, and get Makenzie in bed!

Makenzie did have a bit of time to play on the floor and she did great! She is moving SO much more!!! She is also doing a great job of following directions and using her voice to answer questions. This is what I found her doing in between all of our afternoon craziness!

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Then it was time to make the boys dinner while running up and down the stairs checking on Makenzie who didn't really think going to bed was a good plan.

SPLASH was the next event of the evening when my youngest male child spilled about 8oz of cranberry juice on my clean, just been mopped to a sparkling perfection 3 hours before, kitchen floor. AHHHHHH

After I got the juice and dinner cleaned up there was a few minutes to sit with the boys to play Marvel cards and then off to bed for them too!

I am sitting here looking at a pile of laundry that needs to be folded and put away but that will have to wait for another day and time! I AM DONE! NO MORE! I AM ON STRIKE until tomorrow morning that is!

Mondays are the easiest day of my week and that in my mind is having nothing to do! Yikes! I think I need a vacation! LOL!

Tomorrow we start our 3rd intensive ABM session! I am so excited! Are ya ready for us Andrew! A good friend of ours is also starting their first ABM intensive session tomorrow with their son Noah! Please pray for tons of healing for both Makenzie and Noah this week!

Believe...Prayer Works!


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