Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Middle School Woes and Rolling Victorys

If it isn't preschool drama it is grade school, or middle school issues.

I was told one time when my kids were little, parenting got easier when your kids went to school. Yeah.... they were LYING!!!!!

I am trying to stay up to date with everything that is going on but between all of Makenzie's stuff, and 3 busy boys it gets a bit hairy sometimes.

When I was in middle school my whole school was one hallway long with double doors that led into the high school. We had lockers without locks, and we were aloud to carry backpacks.

My son goes to a school that is as big as a mall...maybe that is a bit over the top but you get what I am saying. He is one of over over 1000 kids. A locker with a lock that still takes him forever to open, and there is no back pack wearing aloud. I can't relate! I have no clue what it feels like to be him and that drives me crazy!

Then there is the bullying by students, and the teacher induced humiliation which has me very concerned. Then there is the lack of communication, and the language that I have heard coming out of the mouths of babes, when I have been there.

Trust me, I know that the world is mean, I know that we can't live in a bubble, I know that we will have people that treat us unfairly, and friends that don't last. I know there will always be disappointment and failure but where do you draw the line with your kid, who has already been through so much. When do you call uncle and just protect no matter what anyone thinks.

I am very close to that line! I spoke with the Vice Principle tonight. I voiced all of my concerns and she thanked me for calling and told me that everything I had reported was unacceptable and would be addressed. I have an appointment with her on Monday along with parent teacher conferences. Pray for this mommy to stay calm....at least until I get back to my car!

This school is a good school and my son is getting a good education. Just concerned.

Makenzie.....well... she had a GREAT day! She had some good therapy and after they left she and I laid on the floor to play. It was another close the blinds kind of moment but I will open them for you all.... LOL!!! Watch this one minute of AMAZING!!!!

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She rolled ALL of the way over two full rotations about 3 times! This video was taken at the very end and she was getting bored with our game.

Then I took her to school and her special education teacher told me that she was doing a great job learning her colors and then her report after school read that they matched colors today! What a smart girl!!! She is doing so well in Pre school.... she finally is adjusted, she finally has a way to communicate, she is finally learning something.

I asked the school for a registration form for next year. I talked to the receptionist for a bit and according to her....even if I pay for her to go to school next year they will not allow her to be there because she will be 5. They have removed EVERY SINGLE form of parental discretion. Other then a private school...which I have yet to find one that will take Makenzie,,,,, I have no way to hold her back. Not even if it is for all the right reasons!

Yeah, to say I am sick of school issues would be an understatement but I plug on!

Tonight as I was hanging up the phone with the Vice Principle she said to me "dont loose hope...we will work all of this out?"

I responded with " Hope is some that I will never loose, there is a lot of that left in me!"

At the end of the day hope and trust in God's plan and love for us is all we have left,

So I continue to stand in God's Hope and Grace!!!!

Believe.... Prayer Works


Shauna Quintero said...

Okay...now she's just showing off for you! Look at that girl go! I'm so proud of her, myself!

Do you guys have Montessori preschools there? Would they take Makenzie?

ferfischer said...

Pam - I've said it before, and now again - you can contact an advocate at the ARC, to start, and ask them about preschool in your area. I know personally, several families that got an extra year of preschool at Max's preschool. Get an advocate involved that knows about your school district - let me know if you need help finding someone!

Makenzies Miracle said...

Jenny, unfortanantly I have already contacted them. It would be helpful to know about some of the kids you know that have been held back and the reasons why.

jjpsmommy07 said...

Great job Makenzie! I know all about school and the older boys. Lets just say everyone knows me!!! Good luck with your meeting.

Reagan Leigh said...

So good to talk to you the other day! Love the video! It's amazing to see her roll like that and in response to you telling her to roll...even more amazing!

one"hip"momma said...

Look at that beautiful smile ... it's hard to tell who is happier!!

I absolutely love it ~ thank you for sharing such a special moment!

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