Sunday, February 28, 2010

Memory Lane

I noticed when I posted the picture of my friend Michelle a few days ago that Makenzie has grown up SO much!

So tonight I decided I wanted to post a picture of Makenzie from the beginning... or as close to the beginning... after her I could find.

I choose not to take pictures of Makenzie in the hospital because I really wasn't sure what was to come and I didn't want "those pictures" to be the last memories I had. So I took none.

But I digress because I found better stuff then a picture! I found this post...


The written record of the first time Makenzie giggled after her accident! AMAZING!

I couldn't find the first smile though. I know it is somewhere! Maybe lost in my archives of Myspace.

Then I found this!

The first video we got of her giggling!

Makenzie has come SO very far!!! Please keep praying for healing!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Nicole said...

I discovered your story... Something that could happen or could have happened to each one of us...

I really want to pray for you and your family.
It won't be much...but I'll do it with my heart.

Julia said...

Hey Pam

I took no pics of Julia either the first time she was hospitalized - didn't want the memories if she would have died. I do wish I would have done more videos (any videos) to compare where she was to where she is. Kenzie is awesome and you are doing great things for her!

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