Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lunch Date

Wednesday's are crazy. From 8am until 1:45pm Makenzie has some type of therapy. Then some weeks throw in ABM after the normal craziness.

Last night I noticed that Makenzie's right leg was bothering her again. This leg give her irritation from time to time. Don't really know why but it really stinks when it does.

Neither her PT or OT are terribly concerned and she did well today in all therapies! Her right hip could be the root of the issue but her PT still feels that it is seeded correctly and we are still keeping a close eye on it. Pray for this to feel better and that God protects the integrity of Makenzie's body! She is doing so well!

We had a special treat today when Makenzie's feeding therapist brought ALL of us lunch! Makenzie ate SO well. Every week the report gets better and better! Her oral motor just continues to improve by leaps and bounds. She is closing her lips more and more and her swallow is so fast and strong! Go Makenzie!

This afternoon was also a bit eventful due to a gas main break down the street from our home. They wouldn't let kids or traffic through so I had to go pick the kids up from 2 different schools along with several extra kiddos that couldn't get a hold of their parents to come and get them.

the kids are in bed....check, the house has been picked up....check, American Idol has been watched.... check, and now my blog has been written.... check.

Guess it is time for me to get some sleep .... we shall see if it really happens! I say this every night.... and every night I get into something that keeps me up way to late!

We shall see if tonight is any different! LOL!


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