Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Laughter is the Best Medicine!

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ABM went well today! I could listen to that laugh all day long! The really cool thing is that her laugh has been changing. It is so much less raspy and so much more vocal. She gets to laughing so hard she gags and I am just sure she is going to hyperventilate!

Sorry the quality of the video is not the best but of course I didn't have my camera so I took it with my phone.

Makenzie is really starting to use her hands and arms! It is so cool to see! If you notice in the video not only was she kicking the ball but she was actively pushing it as well. She is using a lot less flextion when reaching which is GREAT! She just amazes me!

Other then a messy house life is so good. I have a lot to be thankful for and a ton to look forward to!

Another crazy day filled with PT, OT, Speech, and feeding therapy, tomorrow!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Lacey said...

That giggle is the cutest! What is ABM, is it for tight muscles? I'm wondering because if we get our little girl we are trying for, she is tight and it would be nice to know something that might help!

Andrew said...

Laughter is the best medicine, and also the side effect of good "medicine". All 5 of us in the room were laughing! That was a tremendous session for Makenzie, and I wanted to add a few comments about what I think went so well.

The idea to have Makenzie play with dropping the ball, and with her brothers, developed spontaneously- which is the best "non medicine!" It was a task that she clearly loved, and was just easy enough for her to do that she could experience success repeatedly. This was the second Anat Baniel Method session for her that day, and in the morning we worked/played a lot with her hand and knee, and hand to knee. She clearly learned and made great use of that,as you see her hitting the ball with her knee, and then pushing the ball with her hands. She also did what we called the "drop kick" where she positioned the ball with her hands so her knee could bop it!

The video does not show how at the beginning of the lesson, Makenzie is much more random at kicking the ball. By the time you see her in the clip, she is hitting it accurately, and on the first try, most every time. She is also using each leg much more independently than I have seen her do.

All of that is amazing and so important, and yet what I like the most is how she was getting herself to the ball, and initiating the action. Because of how hard it can be for Makenzie to move, most things come to her, and are done for her, which is necessary. She does not have a lot of expectation that she must initiate and execute her action. Here you see her doing it (with our "just enough" support) many times, and absolutely loving it. She is so smart!

Pretty much all the time, but especially in sessions like these, I cannot believe my luck that I get to do this work, and share my gifts in this way. With Gratitude, Andrew Tarr

Andrew said...

Hi Lacey, Yes her giggle is something else! ABM is a method of brain-body education. We use movement and other means to wake up the brain of the special needs child (or anyone else). I would be happy to say more, but the website www.Anatbanielmethod.com will give you tons of information.

It helps for "tight muscles", and we do that by improving the brain, which is the CEO of all the muscles.

Let me know if you want to know more, or you can contact me at tarr.andrew@gmail.com Thanks, Andrew Tarr

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