Saturday, February 6, 2010


The end to another week and another intensive ABM session. We had a long week. I have been very tired and overwhelmed this week for some reason but I made it!

My boys are at Grandmas tonight and I am really thinking about just staying home and relaxing again tomorrow with Makenzie. I feel bad because that would be the second week I haven't made it to church. Part of me thinks it would be refreshing to go and part of me thinks it would just be nice to stay home after the week I have had. I guess only tomorrow will tell!

Our week of ABM went very well. Makenzie continues to learn and grow and I am more excited then ever to go to CA in March!

We managed to have 2 consults with Anat Baniel this week! The first one I got to sit in on and was very helpful in terms of what needs to happen for Makenzie to realize the full effects of ABM.

The second Andrew had with Anat yesterday. He asked her to watch one of the videos that I took last week. He got some very good feed back from Anat. She was very impressed with his work with Makenzie. That is not all.... she was amazed by Makenzie as well! She told Andrew that Makenzie has so much potential...which of course I already and that she felt like ABM could REALLY help her! Di I already mention that I am super excited to go to CA...oh yeah.. I did!

Of course I realize that the above is just an opinion! I know that God is in complete control and that he is opening doors. It feels so good to hear some one talk about the Hope there is for Makenzie! After the conversation with the school district yesterday it was a much needed positive opinion!

Anat Baniel shares the opinion of Hope for Makenzie with many others as well! Thank you to all who continue to believe in Makenzie! Thank you for the continued support, prayers, and kind words. Hope is what I hold onto!

Believe...Prayer Works!


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