Friday, February 19, 2010

Grocery Bliss

Makenzie just continues to amaze me!

She had two great ABM lessons today.

Here is a butt shot of Makenzie's hips while bridging... yeah Makenzie! Oh an my camera was again safe at home during our adventure today so bear with the lovely phone camera pictures again! Sorry! I figured that was better then none! LOL

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Makenzie is using her hands and arms so much more every day! She continued to knock the ball off of the table today more with her hands then her feet!

In PT she stood..with help supporting her hips... next to a table. We put a toy piano in front of her and asked her to push the buttons. She did... over and over...while supporting her body in a standing position! It was so cute and she was so proud!

Just thinking about her doing that makes me so overwhelmed! I remember when she didn't move her arms AT ALL! Just amazing! Watch out world here Makenzie comes!

She was also able to hold onto the ropes on the swing all by herself! What a big girl!

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Tonight Makenzie and I headed to Walmart to get groceries. Normally I don't shop there. In fact they totally redid the entire store. I had to ask where the hair stuff was because I honestly had no clue where to look! I asked the associate when they had redone the store and she responded .."august"! Yeah...its been a while!

Why then, you might ask, did you choose to go there?

Because, that is where told me to go.

I found their site after watching a news segment and I thought I would give it a try. provides six recipes a week for dinner meals. Then on top of that they research the best non coupon deals at several stores. Wait there is more... they offer an ordered list complete with the price of each item to make each of the 6meals for the week. Could it get any better then that....yes, yes it can... they claim that everything on the list for an entire week of meals for 4 people will cost $75.00 or less. Now that is a language that I can understand!

So we tried it. It was true. I bought a whole weeks worth of food... including milk, cereal, snacks, bread, fruit, and juice for under $100.00... WOW!!!

Now we will see if the recipes are any good. I made one tonight and it was a hit. So far so good!

Our Saturday will involve 2 ABM lessons. I hope to get a few other things done as well but who knows... I am hoping for a bit of time to unwind as well!

Time to call it a night! 8am on a Saturday is going to come way to soon!

Believe...Prayer Works!


Shauna Quintero said...

Makenzie is such a superstar! Every move that girl makes is a miracle!

And, Pam...with the groceries? Seriously, a girl after my own heart.

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