Sunday, February 7, 2010


What better way to spend your afternoon then with all of the kids, grandma, plenty of junk food, the game of Life, and of course The Super Bowl! Go Saints! What a game!

I was able to catch up a few things this evening. By tomorrow afternoon my house should be all put together and clean! After last week, it will be much needed.

I am beginning to finish up a lot of the loose ends that have been hanging over my head lately but of course that list has been refilled with new things.

Once again tomorrow is Monday and I again found myself saying, Wow, I don't have much to do tomorrow, but I am sure that will change 30 mins after I crawl out of bed!

I do have a few phone calls to make and paper work to pull together. I have several e mails to write and at least one meeting to schedule.

I have felt the weight of so many decisions in the past week. It is emotionally exhausting! Decisions that are not easy and are very important. Sometimes I just get plan tired of making them. They have been consuming my mind during the day and keep me up at night. I say I want a vacation but really no matter how far away I travel they will be lurking and ready to pounce on me the second I return.

The big decision of tomorrow is whether or not Makenzie will be going to school. I am not sure I feel comfortable sending her until some of the issues I am having right now get resolved. Of course it is not a simple yes or no answer.

Thanks for letting me vent! I am done! I know that God will carry me through and soon life will slow down and there will not be so many things to do. Smooth(er) waters are ahead!

However, I would again like to ask for prayers for Triniti. As I complain about my seemingly tough decisions, I think about Meredith and the decisions that she has been making for the last 2 weeks.

Triniti was doing well and today she had another bad day. She is on a lot of drugs to keep her asleep and still on an osculating ventilator to help her breath. Her CO2 levels are creeping up again. She has blood in her mucus and when they move her she destats. She is still VERY sick little girl and there is nothing more they can do but wait.

Pray peace over this family as they continue to make very hard decisions! Pray for Triniti. Pray!


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