Friday, February 5, 2010

ABM Fun!

Today was a crazy day!! I still haven't sat down and it is after midnight!

Triniti is holding on and doing much better! Thank You for all of your prayer! The update from her mom today on face book read:

"Triniti is the most amazing little person I have ever known! She has totally turned the corner! She went from 100% oxygen and almost full vent support yesterday to 55% oxygen and lower settings today. She continues to improve and they are still weaning her down. The nurse and Dr. are surprised. I am too! I thought for ...sure we were going to lose her yesterday! I love you Trini!!!!!!!!!!!"

YEAH GOD!!! Miracles happen everyday!

So since it is late and I am tired I am going to let you see another taste of ABM and the amazing things Makenzie is doing!

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1 comments: said...

Wow Pam she looks absolutely AMAZING! I love to see how much she's enjoying the therapy! And that roll that she did from one side to the other - WOW! So happy for you guys!

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