Thursday, January 7, 2010

Warriors Needed!

I was able to talk to my grandmas today! It was great! She sounds really GREAT! She is so upbeat and really likes the rehab facility. It is BITTER cold in SD right now so she was unable to get out and go and see my grandpa today or yesterday which must be hard! It is great to know she is doing so well given everything that has happened!

Tonight I am asking all of my prayer warriors to pray hard for my grandpa. He is stable but VERY tired, still in a lot of pain, and quite depressed! He has made some comments about giving up. Tonight he got a visit from 2 of his beautiful granddaughters and I hope with all of my heart that helped to lift his spirits! Please pray for STRENGTH! Please pray for relief from pain! Pray for HEALING!!! Pray that his spirit would be revived and that the depression will subside! PRAY for a MIRACLE!

In Makenzie news.... she had another GREAT day! She did great in PT and OT and was weight bearing phenomenally through her arms! She activated her hips in tall knell. She had another great day at school, and was so happy and chatty!

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Her body still feels great and is sleeping all sprawled out on the bed!

The louder the boys are the more Makenzie LOVES it! Tonight they decided it would be great fun to run circles around her in the family room. Oh did she giggle! The really cool thing was to watch how much she was moving. She was so nice and extended staying on her back a ton just a kicking away! She also rolled from side to side MANY of times! AMAZING!!! What a great end to the day!

Here is a video! It may give you a but it was SO cute!

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Shauna Quintero said...

So cute! It looks like she's doing her version of running with them! She's definitely interacting. And awesome footy pajamas.

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