Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today during therapy as I was telling Pam, Makenzie's PT about our evening and start to the morning. The last thing said was... "be careful what you pray for." I had to laugh because here is what we were talking about......

Makenzie has gained a ton of cognition since we did stem cells in July. She has made leaps and bounds however in the past 3 weeks. This is exactly what I have been praying for. However with the good comes the normal... yes normal. My daughter has gotten really really good and throwing a temper tantrum!

She has ALWAYS hated to have her hair done. however she never realized what was coming until I started in with the brush That is up until about 2 days ago. She now begins the pout and whimper when she sees the brush. You should hear her when I pick her up and turn her around in my lap.... oh my! By the time I put the brush to her head she is screaming, tears are flowing, she is squirming out of my lap, holding her breath, turning blue, and coughing! Pretty normal 4 year old temper tantrum in my opinion!

She does the same when I get out her pajamas because she knows that it is bed time, and I have to have one of the boys help me just to get her in bed with out a total meltdown! I keep wondering when that trick is not going to fly anymore either. That will be a sad day at this house! LOL!

I LOVE IT!!!! I don't love that she is crying but I love that she knows! I love that I get to deal with temper tantrums. I love her opinion!!

So tonight my temper tantrum throwing little princess is tucked in bed. Looking so sweet! Until the brush comes out in the morning!! I will take the good AND the NORMAL! (if there really is such a thing!)

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