Wednesday, January 13, 2010

STOP!!!!...... Now GO!!!!!!

We had another amazing day! Makenzie did awesome in speech, Pt and OT. Her little back was pretty tight but none the less she was still super happy!! Once her therapists gave her a good massage she was good to go! Did I mention how much I love all of her therapists! Priceless!!

Below is a video of Makenzie playing with her toy using her talker! She did SUPER!!! Mommy is so impressed!

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Makenzie understands cause and effect! Woooohooooo!!! So exciting!! She just loves this toy!

Bellow is a video that I made to show any one that is interested, how her talker works. I have had several questions about it and thought instead of trying to explain it with words, a video might be more helpful and easier to understand.

This device does a ton more then just activate remote toys. Makenzie can tell us her name, how many brothers she has, yes, no, more, all done, that she went to Disney Land with Joey and Blake, and much, much, more! She can play games on the computer, change the channel on the TV, start videos. She loves to tell her therapists "See you later alligator" when they are leaving and she is always talking about how she wants to eat cheese cake! That's my girl!

I do not claim to be a videotographer so please extend some grace on the video making skills! LOL!! The lighting was not the best but I can not turn the sun on at 8pm. I tried... it didn't work! Enjoy!

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Makenzie also had a great feeding therapy session! According to her OT ...the BEST she has ever had!!! She also told me not to stop whatever it was that I was doing! WOW!! Trust me... I don't plan on it!!!

My grandpa is doing ok. He still seems quite confused. Please pray for clarity in his mind! From what I understand everything else seems to be healing slowly but surly! Much thanks for all of the extra prayer! Please keep praying!!!


6 comments: said...

Wow thanks for making that video explaining how the toy worked.

How did you connect the toy itself with the switch? Is it a SN toy or is it adapted?

Also, what kind of talker is that?

I am so impressed that she is able to understand scanning so clearly and that she can time her movement with the moment when the talker is scanning on the desired activity. AMAZING!!!!

HeatherS said...

We would LOVE to have you at the next gathering of the Supermoms...make sure to wear your cape :)

We're trying to get together once a month so I'll let you know what we have planned.

Congrats on the wonderful strides Makenzie is making! This is fantastic!

Makenzies Miracle said...

The toy is a GeoTrax GeoAir bought right off of the Toys R Us shelf.

I put it together and Makenzie's speech therapist programed the remote into the talker.
I have not yet had her show mw how but I am sure that will be comming! LOL

The talker is a Prentke Romich Vantage Light.

I am so glad it was helpful!

Anonymous said...

OK, so that was pretty much FABULOUS!!!! Cause and Effect, that is HUGE!!! I watched the first vid and was wondering too how the talker activated, even though you have probably told me a 1000 times, so thanks fot the second vid. Kenz'z smiles and happiness are so contagious, she is beautiful. AHH we are soooo lucky. Talk to you sometime today!! AWESOME JOB KENZ!! WE LOVE YOU!!!
Jami Poore (Izak's mommy)

ferfischer said...

This is so neat! We're borrowing a talker from a friend right now, and I'm very interested to see what Cici does with it - it's at Kidstreet with her right now - I'll let them take a look at it!

Barbara said...

Amazing. She is doing so well!! Thanks for posting this video

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