Friday, January 29, 2010

Starting Early

Today started around here at 3am.

Makenzie was up kicking me in the ribs, giggling, babbling, and rolling around before then but I finally conceded at 3am, changed her diaper, put new jammies on and we both crawled in my bed and turned on the cartoons. Oh man am I tired!

Amazingly she was sooo happy! She is doing so well pushing up on her tummy and even keeping her head up in all fours! She spent a good while tonight just moving around on the floor. She rolled a couple of times. went form side to side but also just hung out on her back just a kicking and a talking. Nice!

She did really well in speech. She told her therapist about 5 times that she wanted to eat. That is great! So when she left we ate! Makenzie has been doing great in that department. She has not been eating as much volume but her oral motor control is improving a ton! She has been closing her lips more and swallowing right away. She really loves it when mommy shares with her. She gives the biggest smile every time I take a bite which is so cool! She has also been vocalizing whenever someone eats in front of her to tell them she wants to try.

The other day I ran to the drive through on my way to an appointment. Not a good plan anymore. Makenzie sat in the back seat just a begging for a lick of my fries. I felt so bad. It is however such an awesome feeling to know that she wants to eat!

We will start our next ABM intensive session next week. We are also going to have a phone consult with Anat Baniel on Tuesday. I am so excited!

We have 2 ABM lessons tomorrow and a few other things to do so busy we will be! Whats new!

Please pray for rest tonight!


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