Monday, January 18, 2010

Round 2

Tomorrow I start another week of insanity. We have the nurse that oversees me as Makenzie's CNA coming at 8am, ABM at 8:30am, PT at 9:30am, OT at 10:30am, then a drive to downtown for a second session of ABM at 12pm, so that I can be home to meet the boys after school!

and well... that will be Tues-Thursday... Minus the nurse on Wed. and Thurs.. On Friday, she has ABM here, then to the other side of town for PT, and to the clear other side for round 2 of ABM. I think on Sat we will stay downtown between sessions and find something to do.

I am tired just thinking about it! There may be a few things that will have to give! We will see how tomorrow goes!

Here is a video of why I do all of this! It isn't the greatest video but oh well. Makenzie is starting to really reach for toys! The coolest part is that she wants to! Up until not to long ago she could have cared less! It is so awesome that she now can! She uses her whole body to do it but I think the more she practices the easier it will become. The ball she becomes after she pushes is her trying to use her arms and also a sensory reaction to touching the toy. She'll get it!

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I am trying to figure out how to rig something up to put her toys on so that they don't fall over. Maybe really strong velcro 2 boards, and a wig nut and blod to adjust the width? Any ideas? The laundry basket filled with anything I could find heavy just isn't cutting it!

This is not something we have seen before stem cells. I am not sure what part of it is in the ABM but I guess that has been the million dollar question from the beginning.... If I had done nothing more then what the doctors told me to do would Makenzie be where she is today?.... I don't think so but really would ever want to find out?.... NO!

Pray for healing this week!


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